This Game is 100% Trash

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User Info: joshsup17

4 years ago#41
No, your mom is 100% trash
"I'm kind of a big deal"

User Info: ManOfChap

4 years ago#42
xMessiahbolical posted...
- Lag compensation
- Hit detection issues
- Possibly the worst weapon/perk balance yet
- The majority of the guns in the game really don't even "feel" enjoyable to use...
- Overhyped letdown piece of crap zombies mode
- Terrible, god awful, pathetic graphics
- MW3 esque spawns
- Constantly freezing
- Worst running COD game on the PS3 thus far... there is NO excuse for this
- S***ty "Pick 10" system doesn't change or improve the gameplay whatsoever, only makes it more of a pain in the ass to change your classes around
- UAV spam the whole game
- The vast majority of the killstreak rewards are just the same old killstreaks we've already seen only renamed or slightly changed:
Lodestar = Reaper
K9 Unit = Dogs
Lightning Strike = Mortar Team
Hellstorm Missle = Predator Missile
AGR = Assault Drone
Stealth Chopper = Attack Helicopter
Orbital VSAT = Blackbird
Escort Drone = AH6 Overwatch
EMP Systems = EMP(lmao @ putting "systems" at the end to make it sound new... gj)
VTOL Warship = Gunship/Chopper Gunner
^ Come on now... way to be original, Treyarch.

Overall, I'm completely disappointed. This feels like they took the worst of Black Ops and mixed it with the worst of MW3 and pooped out this piece of crap game. Not to mention, I'm really getting sick and tired of paying full price for a game that runs like complete garbage on my console year after year. I could get over some of this, that is if the game was actually FUN TO PLAY. But it isn't.

I've had very little enjoyment in Black Ops 2 yet. In fact, me and my buddy literally stopped playing it because we were so bored and sick of it already that we went back and played MW3 instead and were instantly having a lot more fun. And I'm someone who criticized MW3 a lot. But as far as fun factor, intensity, enjoyable guns to use, and even graphics, MW3 is the FAR better game. I'm sorry, but it's just the truth. I've never been so disappointed in a COD game as I am Black Ops 2. I already don't feel any desire to play it. I probably will continue to force myself to play it though to TRY to enjoy it and get my $60 worth out of it, but I really expected so much more out of Treyarch. I loved Black Ops 1. Black Ops 2 is half the game of BO1 though. I will be surprised if this game doesn't kill nearly kill this whole "COD fad" off for good.
I'm convinced the folks on the Call of Duty: Black Ops II boards are the world's dumbest.
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