There's no way I can be this bad.

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User Info: Jordanmrocks

4 years ago#21
this game is GARBAGE

there is no way to maintain a killstreak without absolute flukely luck because everything in this game is a fluke. spawn behind you, somehow see you first even though on my screen he wasnt even looking at me at that time, i shoot people first almost 7/10 times and on their screen it shows them shooting me!

User Info: Kwizxx

4 years ago#22
Same here. I had around a 1.9-2 kd around the first day or two before the patch, but now I'm 1.7 and dropping like a rock. The lag is definitely worse after the patch and being on a 3 bar is pretty unbearable. I have faith in treyarch though because Black Ops 1 right now plays very well, but until I see proof that this game starts to play significantly better, I'll just have to leave it alone for a while.

User Info: FooFightersFan

4 years ago#23
Same here. Me and a couple of my buddies have played all the CoDs together since MW2 and were always decent. Since none of us were terrible, we'd win more than half our games and could hold our own against other clans of people.

Now I get destroyed in a lot of the matches I play. Maybe all the 'best players' have moved on to this CoD and that's why we aren't doing so hot? Just wait til all the Christmas noobs come and we can slaughter away!

User Info: dealaday

4 years ago#24
Theres no way the people of this topic ever were good in COD. the Lag comp in former CODs must have been miserably bad if you guys could maintain a good K/D not that rich people wih a great life like us care but it goods you are complaining cos it means the game is getting more fair for everyone.
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User Info: FooFightersFan

4 years ago#25
I would agree with, that I'm all for making things more fair, but it doesn't feel 'fair'. I won't lie, I have games now that I can't even believe. I win most gunfights regardless of how well I seem to aim and can even take out two enemies at once sometimes. Then in other games I get the jump on people and can't even kill them when I'm spot-on. The disparity is what gets me. I can't be playing against the best CoD players one match, and then terrible players the next match. (I check the stats of the players in the lobby to verify this).

User Info: MindkillerNL

4 years ago#26
I'm not the best COD-player out there, I'm not the youngest either. However, I've always managed to get good scores on all the PS3-COD's released to date. I'm a rusher/flanker and I've always been succesful playing like that. And I was doing well on Black Ops II until they released that patch the other day. Ever since I've installed that patch I'm losing so many cqc-battles it's just not good fun anymore to play the game.

People, you will always run into other players that are better than you. Personally, I blame it 50/50 to lag (comp?) and to just better players. I do wish that the lag issues will be reduced somewhat, because I'm not used to going negative all the time in team deathmatch. I don't mind losing sometimes, but not all the time no matter how hard I try. Shouldn't a game be fun?

So again, I hope it will improve, otherwise what's the point in even playing anymore?
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User Info: Kylo_Ren_

4 years ago#27
I went from this 20-8 to this 8-10.

My current k/d is 1.13.
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User Info: NO2_Fiend

4 years ago#28
I always do worse early on while people are still getting used to the maps and new tactics. Once everything settles I tend to do a lot better.
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User Info: adamolden

4 years ago#29
My K/D started horribly, and tends to either be 1, 2, or .5 at any given time. Doesn't matter if I play with all prestiges, all low levels, or just a mix of them, it depends on the mode and the map or when I joined the others.

Once you play a few rounds with the same group of people, you find a balance. I start out usually at an even or slightly below 1 k/d if the first game is search and destroy, headquarters, or whatever, but then get my k/d up to a 2 or 2.5 after one or two rounds and once we get into TDM, Domination, or CTF.

I do pretty bad on Headquarters usually first few times..I always play it like Dom, try to get the base, and forget I'll die in like seconds and have to wait to revive. Gotta remember to cover my tracks in so I dont get killed too quickly.

Same for search and destroy..I'll find a good spot to sit and watch the targets and then ill see an enemy somewhere, run out, and get mowed down by another two. Same thing in CTF.. I try to go for the flags, take the guards down, and grab the flag..but then no one helps me reach the base.. they're too busy stacking their K/D

User Info: OrangeWizard

4 years ago#30

This is how it works
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