Treyarch literally gives people the tools to camp with.

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  3. Treyarch literally gives people the tools to camp with.

User Info: akechi419

5 years ago#41
Yeah those new sights are like training wheels, But bettys and shock charges can be used or abused. I dont camp, While im running around I leave a betty behind me so i dont get shot in the back and shock charges i throw forward to weed out campers.
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User Info: ploodie

5 years ago#42
How is it any different from the MW heartbeat monitors? What I've found is, even with these tools, people don't use them as often as you'd think.

Truth is, camping is REALLY boring after awhile - why sit and wait for the 5 - 6 people that will run past you in a round, when you can get out after it and actually have some action!? I don't think most people who camp do so for very long.

I can count on one hand the number of times I've been killed by someone with the target attachment.

User Info: MEPS3

5 years ago#43
A lot of the obnoxious camping encouragement really started back with MW2: before that there were only 3 killstreaks (3-5-7) and no heartbeat sensors, portable radar, thermal sights, etc. Used to be if you wanted to camp you still had to look for enemies or just wait with no idea when they were coming to you unless UAV was up. Then MW2 rolls around and people sit in corners with heartbeat sensors and portable radar that beeps when someone is close. ZERO EFFORT.

User Info: MEPS3

5 years ago#44
SoulAssassin226 posted...

So what you're saying is that you want every single person to run the same exact strategy, aka run around like a headless chicken, aka no f***ing strategy at all? The community is half the reason why I am quitting CoD for good after this game. It is clear that this series is full of kids with ADD who can't seem to sit still for a second so they complain to try to make sure no one else can utilize any type of strategy against them. And these seem to be the type of people they are starting to cater to. God forbid you get outplayed because you ran through a line of sight utilized by snipers with a submachine gun. NERF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Actually those kinds of games are some of the most fun ones I've played in every CoD: everyone has a lot of kills and deaths. Action never stops, etc. Walking around for a good 2 minutes w/o encountering an enemy and then getting killed by campers is BORING.

2) Snipers often get unfair advantages with no flinching and too much health: many times you can see a sniper, shoot half a clip into them (and get hit markers confirming you were on target)...nothing. While being riddled with bullets they don't die, maintain perfect aim, and OHK you. God forbid a sniper lose a gunfight for, you know, getting shot a bunch of times

User Info: RockManX32

5 years ago#45
Use Cold-Blooded and Black Hat.
Stop whining about things that are so easily countered.

User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

5 years ago#46
From: RockManX32 | Posted: 11/21/2012 9:55:59 AM | #045
Use Cold-Blooded and Black Hat.
Stop whining about things that are so easily countered.
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User Info: ploodie

5 years ago#47
I just look at campers this way ... easy kill... once they get you, you know where to lob the grenade. problem solved.

User Info: MiniVirus2

5 years ago#48
While I don't necessarily agree about head glitch spots (I find it the same as every CoD really and it's just one of the latest things to complain about, just gets you headshots) and I don't think camping is that bad, I totally agree about the MSR and target finder. They're just senseless additions to the game. I understand the MSR was developed as an anti-camping tool, but it's not serving it's purpose in the community. Target finder is just for lazy dill-holes.

User Info: lechaflan

5 years ago#49
This game is balanced to the point that there's tools to beat campers and run-n-gunners and tools to improve run-n-gunning and camping without going overboard on any aspect. There's no Ghost Pro, Assassin Pro, Heartbeat Sensor or Portable Radar (I'm glad the Sensor Grenades are temporary).

In fact, I'm thinking to think since CoD4, this might be the most balanced one yet.

ANd I just don't understand the complaints on the sights. People *****ed about thermal sights especially in MW2 but there's a defense for that. If you don't use that defense, your problem. Simple as that. The best thing about the target finder is the zoom in especially on an LMG. I could care less about Cold Blooded users as I tend to kill them anyway as they try to snipe me with an SMG. (P4's Swagima)
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User Info: sethschroeder

5 years ago#50
harlem545 posted...
I agree with OP I freaking hate campers, but they are ridiculously easy to kill. I've spent the last 3 CoD games studying these creatures and needless to say, they're quite easy to tame. Now, as much entertainment as I'm getting out of this topic, one shouldn't try to prove an OPINION wrong. It gets people nowhere, both points have validity in them but neither can be 100% right.

Dumbest thing in the world.

OP Statement: Camping is the death of COD and everyone should ONLY run and gun

Counter: Everyone needs a style and "camping" is a viable strategy just like run and gun, both is needed to completely control a map.

Statement about 50% of campers and run and gunners: Campers are about strategy of how to NOT DIE and how to GET KILLS, while run and gunners is all about how to GET KILLS they don't care if they have to die 2-3 times in a row just to kill that one person

So you are WRONG and opinion can be wrong if the facts fail to be accurate, its like saying my opinion is that on Fridays all Cheeseburgers should be free at McDonalds... That would be a WRONG statement as McDonald's could never do that without giving away a ton of money on Fridays.
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  3. Treyarch literally gives people the tools to camp with.

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