Ghost is ruined now.

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User Info: Ikasnu

5 years ago#41
RebelGameMaster posted...
Ikasnu posted...
Oh my god you have got to be kidding me.

Black Ops: Ghost is overpowered. I can't see everybody on the map with my UAV
Black Ops 2: Ghost is ruined. You show up on radar now when you don't move.

******* hypocrites. Get out of here.

Yes, because all the people who complained about Ghost being overpowered are the same complaining that it's ruined.

ASSumptions FTW!


You say ASSumptions yet you make one yourself assuming that none of those are complaining about it being ruined now when in fact you know they are out there. The CoD community is too plenty when it comes to whiners and complaints.
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User Info: Shadow_Force7

5 years ago#42
Magikarp786 posted...
Yunthor_HnC posted...
It's a camping aid, of course. He's mad because his camping aid was made less effective if he's camping.

WRONG! Its not a camping aid although it is for some, I use it to flank the map and take out enemies who rely on uav's but now even if I stand still to reload or something I'm on the map they shouldve created like a 3-5 second standing still rule then only u show up

My face when you can't reload while moving >_>
You're a camper, get over yourself.
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User Info: Shadow_Force7

5 years ago#43
RebelGameMaster posted...
sigma502 posted...
I heard a lot of talk about how you have to "constantly keep moving" for Ghost to make you not appear on the radar..

If they did, that's just flat out laaaaame.. Ruins the whole point of Ghost. I bet they didn't even fix the silencers, melee, or smg's.

It is. You know how maps are cluttered, and sometimes you just bump into some barrel, upside down table, or whatever... well, if and when you do you show up on Radar.

If you take too long climbing the ladder, you'll show up on radar.

If you have low health, and wanna rest HP... you CAN'T or you'll show up on radar.

If you know there's 3 people coming around a corner, you're forced to meet them head on and hope you're victorious or else... you'll show up on radar.

So yeah... it's ruined.

Only people who believe that only campers use it are obvious noobs, but that's obvious.

** Obvious camper is obvious.
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User Info: SDR1845

5 years ago#44
Obvious rushers who go 7-20 doing so are obvious.

Just because you enjoy noob toobing and running around in the open doesn't mean ghost needed to be nerfed.

User Info: sigma502

5 years ago#45
^^ This. Seriously how the hell did Ghost get nerfed and the REAL things that NEEDED to be nerfed didn't?

You people seriously need to get better or play a different game because there is no way in hell that Ghost over powered. And if you seriously think it is. Enlighten me. Because I'm nowhere near a hardcore camper but I used Ghost for a while. And I consider it ruined. Now tell me how was it sooooo "OP" that it needed nerfing? Because I can dam well tell you just how wrong and invalid your argument will be.
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User Info: Masterpie3000

5 years ago#46
the not moveing thing is lame, it forces you to rush ALL the time, even when a good non-campy player knows rushing is the wrong move

you cannot sit still for more than 2 seconds without showing up, it needs to be like 10 seconds IF they even keep the movement requierment. it is sillt when im ghost rushing and i cannot even reload or wait for the enemy to turn the corner instead of me turning the corner and have him be the one prone waiting, that is not camping for either of us, it is playing smart and ghost needs a fix
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User Info: Camiguin99

5 years ago#47
yeah bring ghost perk back !!!!
they cant handle a good stealth player, if you dont wanna play againsta stealth player then im gonna camp!
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User Info: destructoclaus

5 years ago#48
Eh, I wasn't totally opposed to the change they made to ghost but the game is seriously dominated by UAVs. I shouldn't ALWAYS know where the entire enemy team is and vice versa. It really makes the vast majority of encounters one-sided which is lame.
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User Info: Shadow_Force7

5 years ago#49
Weiland101 posted...
Look, you had all the way up until Level 55 to adjust your game to be without Ghost.

Deal with it.

Ghost isn't a necessity, it's a gift for getting to 55. Just because it isn't exactly how you want it to be doesn't give you the right to complain about it left and right. Or I guess in the camper's case, that doorway and that doorway.
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User Info: buzzerr3

5 years ago#50
does anyone else think its disturbing that the op likes to sit still in the game and he also likes to sit still on his speakers?

is that why you like dub step?

(Put on Blops1 ghost.. sits completely still on speakers...... enjoys crappy music in private....ahhhh) camping at its finest

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