honestly, whats your k/d ratio?

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  3. honestly, whats your k/d ratio?

User Info: Kylo_Ren_

5 years ago#11
Blops 2.35
Blops II - 1.12 and i'm dropping.

worst multiplayer experience yet.
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User Info: Sexy_Van_Man

5 years ago#12
1.5 something...the lowest it has been over the past 6 CoDs
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User Info: Kazgotflred

5 years ago#13
like .40 or something
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User Info: chaotix247

5 years ago#14
1.01 and probably going lower. If I'm in a game where I'm doing bad fairly, then become a victim of this game not being able to spawn around Ghost, I kill myself repeatedly until I spawn at a new location. It's fun sometimes. I've had people scream at me at why I was 6-50 at Yemen even though I killed myself 40 times.
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User Info: gphjr14

5 years ago#15
Was 1.3 but after week one it dropped as lag compensation kicked in full gear.
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User Info: random_noobie

5 years ago#16
i think like .91

but then again, idc about my k/d. i play domination exclusively, so, winning is more important to me.

plus, as long as i have fun, it's k.
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User Info: AldousIsDead

5 years ago#17
1.14, haven't played a CoD since MW2. Back there it was bad. like 0.79, but in my defense, I cut my shooter teeth in on that game. Good times those.
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User Info: maranelloman

5 years ago#18
Was around 1.4 and now its around 1.04. Getting tired of being QSed / campers / being shot before I even see another guy.
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User Info: xXxHaseoxXx

5 years ago#19
SST_Forever posted...
1.4 but realistically closer to a 2.. These diamond camos are killer

This, my stats have suffered greatly because I've been trying to get the diamond camo for the shotguns (the two automatics barely kill in one shot -.-...) 1.34 K/D here.

User Info: acetrain736

5 years ago#20

Though really I'm over 1.0 but I let anybody and everybody play on my profile since it doesn't really matter to me. Plus I'm damn near suicidal on going for objectives lol
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