honestly, whats your k/d ratio?

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  3. honestly, whats your k/d ratio?

User Info: KittenLina

4 years ago#71
Right now I'm at 1.22, with 3969 Kills. I have a W/L Ratio of .60

Really wasn't expecting to be positive, I'm trying to get Assault Rifle Diamond Skins and my brain can't process using the FAL and SMR properly.
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User Info: Eternal_Warlord

4 years ago#72
Hell if I know. I have 1 good game and get my ass handed to me for the rest of the day usually.

It used to be 4.33. I have no idea what it is now. Soon as I play with a party the lag starts so I think I'm gonna revert back to lone gun status cause I play better that way.
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User Info: GenesisK

4 years ago#73

User Info: bigwaff

4 years ago#74
1.65. But I care more about my 550 spm and my 2.5 w/l than my k/d
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User Info: lechaflan

4 years ago#75
Started at .67 for the first few days. Now hovering between 1.11 and 1.14
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User Info: XxXSe7eNXxX

4 years ago#76
1 BILLION! Im that good.

User Info: Reign_Of_Rain

4 years ago#77
K/D ratio = 1.39
SPM = 263
Win % = 54

K/D ratio = 1.00
SPM = 336
Win % = 52

On the first day my K/D was a lot higher around 1.6 but since the patch and playing objectives it's dropped big time. Now I have to go into a TDM just to do decent to up my k/d to positive.
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User Info: iCheckz

4 years ago#78
1.90 ugh it hasnt dipped below a 2.0 in years =/
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User Info: kntwrk

4 years ago#79
1.25 and dropping like a rock!
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User Info: Lazy Jones

Lazy Jones
4 years ago#80
I'm new to the game and the series, but I'm rocking a 0.33. I'm fearless...
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  3. honestly, whats your k/d ratio?

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