Carrier, the worst map ever.

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User Info: Phophenomenon

4 years ago#1
I just have the worst luck with this map. Too much camping spots, it's not fun. It's supposedly a small map, but it's pretty lengthy so ya.

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User Info: Rage028

4 years ago#2
If you want to do well on the map... it's kinda like... Outpost on MW3. You're better off if your team simply holds one side of the map. Given how open the map is, with that sporadic crap littering the deck in the middle. As soon as your team moves forward, not only can you be shot from about 3 other angles aside from the one you're looking at. When your team does push into where the enemy spawns, if you're too far behind, the enemy spawns behind and you get shot in the back.
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User Info: KBGiantsfan

4 years ago#3
Derail is the worst map ever
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User Info: Little_RJ87

4 years ago#4
Two words. Smoke Grenades. Know what it's used for? To provide you and your team with concealment so you can cross linear danger areas. What's a linear danger area? Pretty much any open area where you opponent has a clear line of sight.
You don't use smoke to clear rooms, or stun enemies. You use it to cover your movements. Use it and you'll die a lot less from snipers when you run from cover to cover. Yes you only get one canister. Use it when you are pinned down or when you know for certain somebody is covering that route.
Also, flash bangs and concussion grenades are great for the lower deck and for the small control room on the flight deck. Don't bother with shock charges, they aren't as effective here. Also, never go alone. Seriously partner up but don't bunch up too closely, especially when rounding corners.
Don't run straight towards the gunfire. Flank it. Go around it, and get behind them. Don't be flashy or show boat. Just shoot.
Lastly, with so many people running engineer; Betties, claymores, and shock charges are next to ineffective. If you are only relying on thise to protect your rear, you're wrong. Check your surroundings and dont sit around watching one spot. Also, a good old sticky or cooked grenade can do you wonders.
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4 years ago#5
From: KBGiantsfan | #003
Derail is the worst map ever

I actually loved this map and miss it.
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User Info: slickutica

4 years ago#6
worse thing about carrier is the ample amount of headglitch spots with perfect view of objectives.

User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#7
yemen is far worse

User Info: unceramonius

4 years ago#8
Cargo or meltdown are absolute pure camp fests..and offcourse people vote for them lie no other.

If these maps come up now i just not putting up with knobs in cargo just going to higher ground and waiting for you to come past....guarded by two shock charges and two bouncing bettys
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User Info: yaboyblizz24

4 years ago#9
i beg to differ i believe drone and carrier are the two worst maps EVER in the history of call of duty!
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User Info: Phophenomenon

4 years ago#10
Almost all the maps are trash to be honest, Yemen, Cargo, Carrier, Raid, THEY ALL SUCK
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