The Multiplayer is trash

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User Info: shiny_plusle

5 years ago#1
I have owned all of the Call of Duty titles since the original Modern Warfare in 2007 and this is the first in series I've actually felt ripped off as a customer. 3 weeks of owning Black Ops 2 it is now crystal clear to me why people dislike Treyarch and favor Infinity Ward so much.

Lag compensation will never be fixed. Treyarch doesn't seem to care about this issue at all and judging by David Vonderhaar's Twitter, they have no plans to even address the complaints. It's not my (our) connection, it's the game. If you're not on the beneficial side of the lag comp you might as well quit the game. Being up to 3 frames behind what is actually going on in-game is game breaking.

The maps. I didn't think it could get much worse than what came out of the box with MW3 but I was wrong. Drone, Aftermath, Express, Overflow and Carrier are arguably the worst maps in all 6 games. I don't understand how half of these even passed certification and were given the green light to be in the full game. If the map doesn't just outright suck, then there are literally 100 head glitching spots that ruined it instead.

The guns. Maybe this is just me but they're underwhelming. This game is meant to be set in the future but essentially they're the same guns we've been using since CoD4. Type-25 = MW2 FAMAS, M27 = CoD4 M16 and MP5. With the exception of the FAL and M8A1, the Assault Rifles are useless. All of them are outclassed by SMGs anywhere on the maps from medium to short range. Shotguns deserve to be buffed and Snipers have always been stupid. Yes, the series is not meant to be realistic, but there is no way a 50 pound Sniper rifle should be outclassing a Shotty in CQC.

There are more issues that make this game feel like a chore to play such as Shock Charges, Bouncing Betties etc but these are the main reasons why this game won't make it past the end of Spring. I don't recommend anybody buys this game.

User Info: sigma502

5 years ago#2
*Reads title*

You just realized this??
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User Info: yaboyblizz24

5 years ago#3
i agree with TC on everything but overflow and express. the lag comp is the only real thing that seriously makes me not want to play this game at all. i feel like they took the worst of MW3 and decided that its best to incorporate it into black ops 2.
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User Info: harlem545

5 years ago#4
HAHAHAHAH. Hopefully you're trolling and you've known this since BO1. I hope you are. Treyarch is god awful
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User Info: shiny_plusle

5 years ago#5
The original Black Ops sucked too, but I didn't hate Treyarch as I loved World at War.

User Info: JohnnyCage1933

5 years ago#6
I don't understand the infinity ward love. My two days were mw1 and waw... made by both. Then this game got crazy and over the top and both companies are putting out the same game lately
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User Info: _krat0s_

5 years ago#7
maybe its just you thats trash
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User Info: chromal187

5 years ago#8
Yeah, I was in the topic of what's your favorite map or something along those lines and I listed from MW2 till now the best maps I liked from each game and no surprise MW2 and MW3 had about 5 maps I loved whereas BLops1 and BLops 2 had about 1-2, and Nuketown was one of each... it's just horrible the map design. I'll still play, but there is no Highrise, Estate, Dome, Firing Range, Sub Base (Fav map ever), Invasion, Afghan... I can go on... the only "decent" map is Nuketown2025 for the nostalgia.

Although I have to disagree with the weapon stuff.. T25 is so OP it's not even funny... I have a subpar 1.00 k/d ratio but with the T25 I'm almost 1.6 and moving up fast... FAL I love as well, I just can't choose between burst fire and single shot mode.

User Info: UltimaXOmega

5 years ago#9
I enjoyed Black Ops alot but I hate this game I spent $124 on Ebay getting the sold out Hardened Edition wasn't worth it even at bargain bin $30 this game is still a rip off.
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User Info: Marshall_Law

5 years ago#10
meh i truly enjoy this. I havent played MW3 in months and i play this everyday. I think this has the besst maps out of mw3,BLOPS and waw as thats the only ones ive played
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