4 player Tranzit Tips

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User Info: wildluck

4 years ago#1
Just want to get some tips going and cleanup some stuff.

1. Don't be a hero, if zombies are everywhere and you don't have quick revive, don't try and never in the fog less you have both perma/normal quick revive.

2. Stay in teams of two, simple miss step with a near by zombie is all it takes now for a down.

3. Trubines can flip on any perk to buy and stays with you even after it powers down again.

4. Knockles are great but having another exit out the bus can save lives.

5. Laying down trubines and other stuff can give time for a revive or protection to get hit markers off.

6. Anything you want to know or map, YouTube or wiki.

7. Watch videos from top players on player channal on ladder, just set filter to all and then hit top of list.

8. Bank excess money, for later rounds, you never need more then 10k.

9. Stay in teams of two, worth saying again ;)

10. Remember a true test of a zombie player isn't not going down, but coming back from the dead with nothing, 1911 can always give you enough points for a wall gun!

Well that's my 10 random tips, feel free to add yours.

Good use of a 5min break ;)
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User Info: F5X_WegZ

4 years ago#2
trubines and knockles?

if you get a perk with the "trubine" you still need the power on or you'll have to leave it there. Otherwise sure you'll get the perk, but you'll notice it'll be a darkened icon and the perk won't be active.
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