Anybody else's game freezing a lot today?

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  3. Anybody else's game freezing a lot today?

User Info: Lord_TenseEye

4 years ago#1
I stared the ps3 up, got into a lobby and it stayed on the map's loading screen and froze. I had to reset the ps3 (front power button; no back button exists because I have a slim). Then the ps3 would turn on and say some data was corrupted and whatnot and require up to 2 hours to fix (it took less than 3 mins).

This happened a total of 4 times today. The last two were consecutive and that's when I stopped playing.

User Info: tibzapp74

4 years ago#2
haven't had the hard freeze since the huge crash right after release. i also have the slim 120 gb. only thing i noticed today was huge bursts of lag.not comp lag , just lag. guy jumps off the bridge on turbine , stops mid air , kills me then hits the ground and runs away.

User Info: mode333

4 years ago#3
I haven't experienced this today but I know my ps3 does start freezing a lot when it gets really hot. Try not playing it for a day and see if that helps....also, put a fan next to it or maybe an AC vent if you have one?
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  3. Anybody else's game freezing a lot today?

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