so what do you guys play?

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  3. so what do you guys play?

User Info: theOz69

5 years ago#21
Kill Confirmed and League Play - I love league play when the matchmaking works well it is fun to have a bunch of close games against people with similar skill level.

I dabble in Dom, Hd1/4s & HrdPt but the maps seem to all cater to campers especially in the location specific objective modes.

I haven't tried Zombies yet.
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User Info: _Asian_Rice

5 years ago#22
Mostly Kill Confirmed, some Domination, and a bit of Hardpoint. The only thing I miss from MW3 is Drop Zone... Hardpoint just doesn't feel the same.
PSN: iAsianRice
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User Info: F5X_WegZ

5 years ago#23
Recently ditched TDM, gives you like no points and it's just dry to me now.

Current favourites are: HC TDM, Kill Confirmed and Domination.
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User Info: Tre1299

5 years ago#24
Bonus and Zombiez only never anything else

User Info: A5modeu5

5 years ago#25
hmoob763 posted...
buttcobell posted...
Chadkg5 posted...
Kill confirmed and chaos moshpit. They ruined domination on this

How did they ruin Domination?

How did they ruin domination you say? By splitting it into 2 rounds, rarely do I even get the chance to play for the full 200 point's. I don't mind the switching sides but to split it into 2 rounds sucks.

Splitting it in 2 rounds and switching sides is awesome the problem is the timelimit.
They should switch sides at 100 points and get rid or lengthen the timelimit because I too rarely see a match goung to 200.

User Info: Fungi13

5 years ago#26
Domination, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed are my top 3.

User Info: Bojangthe4th

5 years ago#27
If I'm really trying to grind out weapon levels, FFA
If I'm playing with my buddy, CTF because that's like the only mode he likes
If I'm just playing for funsies, KillCon
PSN: Wyrm--
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  3. so what do you guys play?

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