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User Info: Ice Weasel

Ice Weasel
4 years ago#11
I wish I had the ability to record games. Last night in a HQ match on Meltdown, I was trying to take the HQ and was ADS towards where I thought the enemies would come from. I kid you not, somebody spawned dead-center in my cross-hairs. That map and mode are a particularly bad combination for horrible spawns. I was shot in the back so many freakin' times by someone spawning behind me right after I did.

User Info: Janodus

4 years ago#12
Freddie_Mays posted...
Said it from pretty much day 1, i dont know why they made it worse but to do that and make the maps smaller at the same time was just idiotic, but i guess they decided to ditch their principles from Black Ops and sell out so they wont have ADD kids calling their game boring.

lol you realize that those kids with ADD are the main reason cod is alive right? TA didn't sell out. they simply did what they were told.

you make it sound like TA has some type of control over their game that Activision gives.

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