worst community I've ever seen

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User Info: Asylum_71

4 years ago#21
badbutttuesday posted...
I'm relating it to the game because i'm on the game forum page. I'm hearing it while playing the game. I don't hear it in my limited suburban world. Not at this level anyway.

I realize the size of the community is bigger then any other game so its a large sample. if you have a million players and 20% are explicit or racist then you have 200 k people. If you have 10 million players then do the math... i get it. The point is that I'm in my late 30's and have been playing games, been in forums, on the internet, to sporting events, etc. etc. and have never seen anything like it.

It was not even close to this in any other game i've ever played. the Killzones, battlefields, bad companies, etc.

I've been playing online games for 14 years, and I honestly don't know how you avoided it until you came to cod.. Even before voip and in-game mic chat were commonplace on PC, people certainly weren't the nicest via keyboard chat. The only difference is that there were often profanity filters, so most people wouldn't bother.
It's just kinda confusing to me that you'd be this shocked. I'm only 21, but it was definitely nothing new to me when I came to cod 2 years ago. You just realize that most people are stupid, that there's a convenient "mute" button, and get over it.
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User Info: Curtains313

4 years ago#22
COD is really bad. Most people that play it are teens and dropout adults. It is rare to find a mature person.
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User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

4 years ago#23
Sonic fans
DMC fans

Most of the times, throw enough "fans" at a game and it quickly becomes "the worstest community 3V4R!!"
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User Info: 2200rms

4 years ago#24
badbutttuesday posted...
Granted I haven't played MW/BO games. i'm speaking about the people you run into and hear in game.

It is disgusting to me how completely juvenile and quite frankly, idiotic this community is.

you can't enter a game without hearing at least 2 people blaring music.
every fifth game there is some 9 year old testing out the voice changer at the top of his lungs.
it seems the only word 99% of black people and 90% of white people starts with an N.

Living in the Detroit area all I ever hear in our media is how white people don't respect black people. here's a thought.... show some respect for yourselves and each other and maybe other races will show some respect for you. as for White people using the word, screaming it out over and over every time there's a black person in the lobby? You are sad little weak children with pathetic parents who didn't bother to teach you anything about respect for other people.

the ignorance that is today's youth is truly sad.

on top of that I get a message last night that I was reported for cheating. I went 20 and 16 and have a kdr of 1.14. I must be the worst cheater in history.

Im of mixed race, not black thogh. The thing is when your hear people sling the N word around how do you think the people in the lobby know they are black. Because they are either blaring rap music or trying to sound cool. You cant really go yep im playing with a different race person by hearing them talk, unless they are speaking a different language unless they are black its the truth though. Stereotypes are not completely made up they are come up with from a lot of truth.

User Info: ryanpierce24

4 years ago#25
This couldn't be more true. The ignorance displayed in literally every game is unmatched. All you hear all game is n**** this n***** that. The best part is its coming from nerds 90 pound white kids that could piss their panties if a black person heard them say it in person. So many hardcore e-thugs. It so doesn't help that the black people only make it worse by using n***** in every sentence of their own just not in a racial way. I would love just once to see a video of some ignorant white kid saying that without knowing a black guy could hear him... And watch the beatdown unfold. It's a shame when you spend 100+ on headphones and you don't even use them other than to mute everyone senseless arguing. And for the record I'm white myself and am truly ashamed of the complete ignorance shown on a daily basis.
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