So i butchered my KD Ratio just to rank up faster.

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  3. So i butchered my KD Ratio just to rank up faster.

User Info: KittenLina

4 years ago#21
I butchered mine and still am for Diamond camo.

You have your KDR that means nothing. I'll do just as we'll as you AND have every single gun camo in the game.
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User Info: OriginalReturn

4 years ago#22
elchris79 posted...
NE_PatriotsFan posted...
TheKingOfKool posted...
You either played very few games to have a 2.00 KDR and have it drop to a 0.91, or you just suck.

What I mean is, I'll play a great night against noobs, probably 5 hours worth where I'll always finish with a 2.5+ KDR and at worse a 1 KDR and my KDR will only raise .03. Seriously, my KDR went from 1.27 to 1.30.

You pretty much went negative in every game you played >_>

KDR might not be that important but it is in TDM because those kills contribute to you losing.

I seriously did go negative in of headquarters and domination. Im talking huge negative like 20 kills 40 deaths, or 12 kills 31 deaths. This happened every game, BUT i was getting up to 8,000 experience per match, compared to team deathmatch where the most i would get is like 2500 or 3000.

Im extremely good in Team deathmatch (and even better in free for all) where ill get 20 kills 1 death and the likes, but still it was very low experience.

I applaud your new attitude, but claiming 20-1 in Tom ruins anything you have to say. Wouldn't it be more honest to say I went round 20-8 on average?

I joined a TDM game in progress, and my team was down 0-74. I equipped my knife class (so I wouldn't run out of ammo - it has no guns, perks, wildcards or equipment of any kind) and went 75-0. My team was smart enough to hide behind me in a corner while I killed the other team, so we won 75-74.
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  3. So i butchered my KD Ratio just to rank up faster.

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