guys that hate getting kill buy spawns

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User Info: RoddyAnumber1

5 years ago#11
flame030191 posted...
RoddyAnumber1 posted...
Asylum_71 posted...
^ then.. he didn't make the topic for you. He addressed people who were tired of getting killed in their spawns.

If they are in your spawn then you're automatically going to spawn on the other side of the map. If there are enemies there as well, then you spawn in the middle.

Except I doubt the game realizes someone is an enemy until after the spawn. Many times spawn trapping happens in this game, just like in BOps1.

That has actually never happened to me, it always spawned me directly opposite the enemy so I've never encountered that.
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User Info: CornerCamper

5 years ago#12
There's absolutely no reason why you should spawn and be killed within the first 2 steps.

Or spawn, turn and get fired upon instantly.

Or finally make it towards the other side of the map without getting killed by the 934872 headglitchers in their spots, and then you get killed by 3 people rushing down a back alley since they all just spawned there.
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  3. guys that hate getting kill buy spawns

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