Did the game the game get a patch?

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User Info: 314dragonmaster

5 years ago#11
Ice Weasel posted...
314dragonmaster posted...
Played last night for the first time in about a week, had some pretty great games with a 3 bar. Did they fix the lag comp problem or did I just get lucky?

From my experience, 3 bars is waaaaay better than 4. Not only do I do better when I manage to get three bars, (which isn't very often), but a lot of the time the leader on the scoreboard has 3 bars as well. Those buggers can be damn difficult to kill.

Hmm, I always get 3 bars and it always seems like I'm an entire second behind the enemy. Last night was different though, I was pulling my old scores again. All I played was TDM though I usually don't play TDM maybe they were all just really bad players. IDK
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User Info: One_Too_Many

5 years ago#12
You got lucky.

On Sunday I couldn't catch a break. I had <0.5 K/D in my final 8 or so matches that night. I automatically think to myself, "This game is unplayble when it's like this." Everyone know those Killcams where the enemy is already firing at you while you are just beginning to ADS even though on your screen, you should've won the gunfight.

On Tuesday, I played a few matches, and I was back getting ~2.00 K/D playing casually.

You never know what to expect from this game on any given gaming session.
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