A glitch associated with Tower of Babble?

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  3. A glitch associated with Tower of Babble?

User Info: Mr_M0j0_Rising

4 years ago#1
So apparently if you already got this trophy and did Tower of Babble you can't help other players get this trophy. For some reason the voices were not triggering when I tried to help another friend with this. And the Pylon was glowing yellow with electric bolts rising up the to the tip of it from the start of the match. That is only supposed to happen after you complete the process. None of the players in the party heard Maxis or Richtofen.

So ...yeah not sure about this. Anyone care to shed some light here? I tried googling but nothing. I found one locked topic here about it but people pretty much ignored it.

I'm already so sick of zombies I'm tempted to ignore friends who ask me to help out but it would be nice to know I CAN if I wanted to.
We live to make the impossible possible.

User Info: Jerry_Appleby

4 years ago#2
It's not a glitch, if someone has the trophy, the voices never appear. So just play with people who don't have the trophy.
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  3. A glitch associated with Tower of Babble?

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