Does Campaign in veteran mode have infinite enemy respawns?

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  3. Does Campaign in veteran mode have infinite enemy respawns?

User Info: params7

4 years ago#1

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

4 years ago#2
I haven't played on vet yet, but I can tell you that even recruit has infinite enemy spawns, so I believe it's a yes.
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User Info: params7

4 years ago#3
Oh ok won't be playing this on Vet then, I'll just start this on Recruit for the story. Hate this about Treyarch's game.

User Info: UltimaXOmega

4 years ago#4
What are infinite enemy respawns?
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User Info: params7

4 years ago#5
When the game keeps throwing enemies at you until you cross some section.

User Info: OrlandoMagician

4 years ago#6
It's also the lazy way to make the campaign harder by adding endless enemies rather than smarter ones. It's been in pretty much COD, but is much more common and obvious in 3arc campaigns, especially W@W (along with grenades) and Black Ops.

User Info: Artemicion82

4 years ago#7
there's some spots here and there with inf respawns, I should note though that this is by far the easiest cod campaign on vet.

User Info: AegisGaines

4 years ago#8
The only time you have infinite enemies are the first 2 Alex Mason Missions. It's kinda usefull because you can complete certain challenges without rushing. The amount of enemies is relatively low compared to other CoDs. Like 5 max per wave.
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User Info: dman3981

4 years ago#9
This is one of the easier veteran campaigns I have played in my opinion and I didn't really notice infinite enemy spawn.
People have different taste and that's just fine by me.

User Info: Asylum_71

4 years ago#10
The title immediately gave me an angry face when I thought of that stupid hill in the BO campaign....
I like playing through campaigns with no prior knowledge, and I did really well until that part. I hadn't really played the campaigns before to know/realize that they might just send an endless hoard of enemies for you to have to navigate through to the next checkpoint.
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  3. Does Campaign in veteran mode have infinite enemy respawns?

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