Best way to balance assault rifles

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User Info: buzzerr3

4 years ago#11
badbutttuesday posted...
I use only AR and they are perfect in this game. They are not as quick as smg up close but can take out anything quick at mid range.

you can run and gun and expect to keep up with smgs and shottys. this is the way it should be.

guns being balanced does not mean everything kills the exact same way. It's ok that other guns beat this up close

and yes,,

I also use mainly AR. I pretty much use the AN on almost every map. I have never been a great player but even though im using the (WEAKEST KIND OF GUN) AR i can still jump in matches and maintain my decent 1.15 KDR..

even though im just a casual gamer not even a die hard COD fan.

Just get better at the game.. dont cry until the game gets messed with and nerfed so many times that it becomes unplayable

User Info: Blaeu

4 years ago#12
If ARs really need a boost, just bring back Stopping Power as an attachment. Give it to ARs (and LMGs for that matter) but not SMGs. Have it conflict with Laser Sight.

Now, if you so desire, you can spend a point to increase the power of your AR.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting you just add this to the current game as it is not balanced around this. Just a thought on how the pick 10 could be used.
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User Info: diesector__

4 years ago#13
buzzerr3 posted...

If you feel that way.... then use an SMG..... there problem solved..

Now you can go out and compete with the smg users that you claim have and "unfair" advantage.

See how easy that works? everyone is happy again.,,, no more crying and complaining and begging for crutches.

Here is the mentality of a lot of people. "derp my gun is sooo weak comparted to yours.. but im gonna keep using it and cry about losing... derp derp.. I wont switch guns.. id rather wait for a nerf or buff or whatever stupid thing comes along"" derp deerp

I'm sorry, but this post has shown you've got the cognitive function of a tree stump. If there are issues in gun balance, the solution is not to switch over to using the OP gun in question. Demanding proper gun balance (and maybe well-designed maps to utilize said balance) is not a bad thing. Yes, there are many other morons who voice their concerns disingenuously because they got their ass kicked by a particular weapon, but on the flip side there's statements like the ones you just made that stagnates progression towards a properly-balanced game.
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User Info: buzzerr3

4 years ago#14

the guns are fine.... what i was saying is that if youre getting beat while running around with an AR and constantly getting beat by smgs... then don't blame the game.

try switching up your play style a little bit.. maybe...just maybe try a different gun..

Or maybe try using the AR but using it differently.. Don't just cry and complain and beg for buffs and nerfs that just ruin the game.

there are other ways to do well in the game than to just use one gun that you like (for some reason even though you're getting owned in the game)// try different things like guns and play styles.

User Info: THuGNiFiCeNT651

4 years ago#15
Would we all be better off with just four guns, one lmg, one ar, one smg, and one sniper rilfe??? I swear it's not the devs who F*** up games, it's whiney little sissy puffs who make them change things that shoudn't even be changed. Connection is what really needs to be addressed.

User Info: Buggybear

4 years ago#16
U know what totally unbalanced is, in this game?
Players with high kdr should get nerfed.
With every kill above kdr 1.00, they should get blinded after the kill, the higher the kdr, the longer.
This should teach them a lessen for being unbalanced.

Just in case someone didnt notiz: that was sarcasm. Except my kdr is actually 0.98.

And BTW: the best way to balance ARs is to spin them on the tip of the middle finger.
Warning: does not play well with others.

User Info: buzzerr3

4 years ago#17
oh derp.. when im running down a hallway in plaza im getting killed by smgs...derp derp thats because ARs are weak compared to smgs.

derp derp.. when im wandering around in the middle of the map on turbine.. im always getting killed by snipers... thats because sniper rifles are OP and my ar is weak.

derp derp.... someone help me .... derp

User Info: badbutttuesday

4 years ago#18
With this its not fair that the shotgun kills in one shot up close. all guns should be changed to ohk within 10 feet.

User Info: CanOpener74

4 years ago#19
The best way to balance this game would be to sell it and buy something worth your time.

Ok, sorry, I'll contribute to the actual topic here.

Nerf that one gun and buff that other one, that'll fix it for good and no one in the community will ever complain again. Woohooo!


4 years ago#20
CanOpener74 posted...
The best way to balance this game would be to sell it and buy something worth your time.


If you can't learn to adapt then you're just wasting your time. Some maps are more suited for SMG's or any weapon you can get a quick kill with. Some maps are larger with long lines of site making them perfect for AR's and LMG's. Take Hijacked for example. You could use an LMG by holding the top floor of either side. But, since most people are running it makes more sense to use a weapon that you would benefit from hip firing like an SMG or shotgun. Then you have maps like Carrier that SMG users get destroyed on. You just have to learn how to play the maps and adapt.
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