Does the school shooting keep you from playing?

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User Info: failure_turtle

4 years ago#101
nandshein posted...
There is a correlation. Both involve guns. My brain connects the two. It doesn't mean I think that CoD caused this. I just can't pull the trigger on a game tonight, after watching the events of the day on the news. It's not like I won't play Black Ops again, I'll probably play tomorrow, I just don't feel like playing it tonight.

This highlights an issue with people as a whole.

People die to gun violence constantly in the world, there is genocide taking place in parts of the world as we speak. Then suddenly something happens in your back yard and you give a s***. Sad really.

User Info: Ertrick36

4 years ago#102
I always tend to think a lot about things like what happened at the elementary school. I think so much about it that I tend to avoid playing video games. It's not because I believe there's a connection between the massacre and video games; it's because I can't keep my mind off of the damn thing. It doesn't necessarily help that people are saying that video games are the cause of it; that only makes me think deeper. I guess you could say that I am methodical in nature. However, once everything calms down and people start talking less about it (or I start seeing less of it), I will go back to my usual routine.
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User Info: BigTlovesBEER

4 years ago#103
Violence in video games and violence in real life have no connection IMO.

User Info: wh0_kn0ws

4 years ago#104
jesus christ you guys, it's a fricking troll topic
it's simple. just be nice.

User Info: GFGmerlin

4 years ago#105
I wonder why my topic got deleted.. anyway I'm prepared to save people if it happen on my watch. all thank to playing this game!
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User Info: bronxplayah

4 years ago#106
wh0_kn0ws posted...
jesus christ you guys, it's a fricking troll topic

How is it a troll topic? Its not like he's implying the game was responsible for anything.
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User Info: Asylum_71

4 years ago#107
From: Phykos | #098
Asylum_71 posted...
Were you born stupid?

No, if he were stupid he'd clone you, transfer his consciousness into that empty vessal, and repeat what the **** you just said to create so much irony that the universe implodes on itself.

People making connections isn't stupid. It's wonderful. Idiots like you make people cold and cruel, mocking creativity and the very soul of humanity.

you seem upset
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User Info: Solid_Snake124

4 years ago#108
Vullgar posted...
Refusing to play a video game out of respect for the massacre today will do nothing for the families who suffered.
All you can do is not bring it up.
This topic is in bad taste.
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User Info: slickutica

4 years ago#109
Wow at this topic reaching over 100 posts, Everyone including me should be DEEEPLY ashamed.
(message deleted)
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