Does the school shooting keep you from playing?

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User Info: Asylum_71

4 years ago#111
if activision were a physical entity, i'd wrap my hands around its neck and have an orgasm as i feel its pulse slow down" - mega boie715

User Info: GFGmerlin

4 years ago#112
this topic reminded of the time I told my gf that uterus is green.
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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#113
I gotta be honest. I feel sorry for those who lost their children. But I honestly feel nothing. I haven't been involved nor did I know anyone there. Life goes on . Of course if this happen at my schools then it would be a completely different story. But I must say we need a gun control law. it doesn't matter if it is "for your protection". There are many weapons in the house that don't kill but can knock out or scare away a crook. Take Zimmerman. He was this night watch guy. Had a gun. Thought guy was up to no good and shot him. He wasn't even insane or anything.
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User Info: Samp98518

4 years ago#114
To copy and paste my post from a different board.

S*** happens. About two people die every second. Nobody lives forever, and there are billions of people on this planet. We also have more people being born than those dying, so when disasters like that happens, we soon have enough people on this world to surpass the population from before an incident happens.

In other words, life goes on. That stuff happens, and you have to deal with it.
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User Info: Davidbaylor23

4 years ago#115
nandshein posted...
I just don't feel like playing tonight. Don't get me wrong I'll be back tomorrow, or the next day.... I'm just curious if anyone else besides me just doesn't really feel like playing a game that involves shooting after hearing about 20 elementary kids being massacred today.

Yeah I agree cod has nothing to do with it but I'm gonna keep away from any shooters for a bit

User Info: DemonReacher

4 years ago#116
NO2_Fiend posted...
Over 300,000,000 Americans.... 26 die.... not a big deal.

I don't even care that they were kids I mean think about how many abortions are done each day... I bet it's more than 26.

I'm not against abortions btw.

I seriously recommend keeping that to yourself irl, most normal people might think differently about you if you came across saying you dont think its a big deal.

Its not about numbers, its about a 20 year old shooting children for gods sake. Maybe when you grow up a bit more you will realise just how aweful it really is. Im not saying put your life on hold, neither is the TC, swapping COD for a different game for one night isnt putting your life on hold and I honestly see no reason at all why people should be pissy over this topic.
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User Info: keisatsu_pill

4 years ago#117
Whenever I come on the internet, I'm reminded that millions of years of evolution have counted for nothing.

That out of the way... yesterday I didn't feel like playing anything. FPS or otherwise. I have nieces and nephews whom I love dearly, and it chills my blood to think of them having to even witness such a brutal and vicious lack of humanity.

People die every die, yes. In the time it took for me to type this, many people have died. But it's foolish to be blasé about the mass murder of young children in a civilized country, children who were just attending school. I am among the most fortuitous people on this planet to be lucky enough to live in a country where others view something like this as a deplorable act.

I hope the people in this thread who claim to feel nothing seek some sort of therapy, for they are seriously lacking in basic human emotions like sympathy and empathy. and yes, sympathy was part of our evolution process... lacking the social intelligence to feel it would be a devolution.
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User Info: SushimanX

4 years ago#118
nandshein posted...
rave50000 posted...
People die in war so do people stop playing?

People die in war every day. Doesn't mean it isn't sad but kids in elementary classrooms don't get murdered in classrooms in civilized countries every day. You can't tell me it doesn't have an effect on anyone. You think anyone in Newtown is playing Black Ops tonight?

Hell yea!

User Info: moonlithunter

4 years ago#119
I understand where your coming from TC.....

As a parent I felt what it was to have horror and grief do the waltz in my stomach..... then (After a day spent with the kids... spoiling them a little more than I usually do) those feelings were swept aside by an anger that has had me playing the most violent games I have.... because the allure of games is that the "Evil" in them is right there in front of you,,,,and you can either beat it down or take it out or kill it again.

Its been a bad day for the evils lurking in my PS3.....

Other than that.... welcome to hell.
Basking in the red afterglow....

User Info: pauten

4 years ago#120
It's probably been said but topics like this are stupid.
There is NO evidence that violent games (or films) have any relation to murder or crime in the real world.
This sillyness is just bed-wetting conservatives who don't want to accept their Gun Laws and first Amendment is out of date!
Most American people are wonderful and will probably agree with my what I'm saying.
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