Highest zombies level?

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User Info: ringogniringo

4 years ago#1
What's the highest zombies level you've reached? I just got to 13 (I'm guessing this isn't very high) but it was still pretty rough. This was with 3 random players.

User Info: F5X_WegZ

4 years ago#2
highest you can go is 99, and yes it has been reached...it's possible to do it the legitimate way, or via glitch/exploit.

my highest ever was 65 on Kino (BO1) and so far in BO2 the best i've done is 26 on Tranzit, 28 on Bus Depot, 30 on Town and 35 on Farm.

Bus Depot was a fluke...our team of 4 managed to stay alive without perks that long on that stupid little map using the camping technique (3 players camp in the hidden corner, 1 player loops around the map gathering up the zombies for us to kill).
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User Info: _Deadeye_CM_

4 years ago#3
TranZit or Survival? I've been to 12 on TranZit with two randoms, the first or second time I played. I've since gotten to 13 with a single partner.

On Farm, I've gotten as far as 15 on Survival with my girlfriend. On Town, I've gotten to 19 on Survival, again with my girlfriend.

All of that said, I've literally played Zombies on any game less than 15 times.
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User Info: ringogniringo

4 years ago#4
It was on farm.

User Info: DeadlyDeathBlow

4 years ago#5
21 solo on town. i would have gotten maybe farther but i didnt know that you could only buy self revive 3 times, i stupidly went for revive thinking it would be there rather than going for juggernog.

i think i have gotten farther playing with other people, but i dont exactly remember the level, and i consider the solo being a better achievement
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User Info: rowewheeles

4 years ago#6
36 on Town Survival last night with 2 people. We each herded up a group of zombies seperately before dispatching them. Probably could have played much longer too but got tired...
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User Info: TooCrucial

4 years ago#7
got to 65 on tranzit, 30 on farm, 20 bus depot, 45 nuketown, 40 town
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User Info: Brich10962

4 years ago#8
I got to level 42 on transit the other night. With a friend and two randoms who had never played before. After round 15 they had the hang of things and didn't need much coaching. We would have gone further, but we were a few hours in and I just wanted to go to bed. I do have a party planned out with 8 people, so we can play for an hour each on the 4 different systems and try to get as high as we can without getting too tired.
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