ran into the worst kind of cod player.

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  3. ran into the worst kind of cod player.

User Info: Deuce600

4 years ago#41
I just got this game and do not give one tiny nugget of care for my k/d. Sure I may be new but I still enjoy just playing the game and having fun. Plus getting killed by making mistakes is making me a better player. Glad I am not the only one.

User Info: ploodie

4 years ago#42
Dude - I HATE it when douche's try to hunker down and support the team by getting scorestreaks for vehicles and care packages, instead of running into the meat grinder and feeding the opposing team kills like you are clearly SUPPOSED to do!!

User Info: liquidsky9

4 years ago#43
LOL. so NEYME messages me on PSN and in a not so nice way claims i am hating on his "beautiful K/D" because i'm a bad player.

a whole back and forth ensues and his major defense is that he is always teamed up w noobs and that he IS in fact a good player, to which i reply if he/she were truly any good his/her w/l and SPM would be a **** ton better for a 5 k/d player.

anyway i encouraged him to come on the site to defend his postion, but in typical camper form, he is non-confrontational, LOL, and tells me to copy and paste what he wrote as a response to the general public.

whatever. haha.
it's a k/d RATIO, not RATION you moron

User Info: ForceSensitiveX

4 years ago#44
Never gonna change. Community is always going to suck. I miss my SNES.
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  3. ran into the worst kind of cod player.

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