Easiest Gameplay Mode to get Blood Thirsty Medal

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User Info: activematx

4 years ago#1
I've been playing Free For All, but I don't think its the best. What mode do you play to get the blood thirsty medal?

User Info: jadakiss88

4 years ago#2
I seem to get alot in Team DeathMatch but I only play Normal Team DeathMatch, Free For All, or League Play Team DeathMatch.
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User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#3
Domination and Kill Confirmed are good ones. Domination speaks for itself as you can just hold down any area since the spawns are more predictable. I would advise adjusting your class to make whatever weapon you're using the only lethal thing you carry. I missed out on a couple of medals towards the achievement because of C4.
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User Info: activematx

4 years ago#4
Domination makes a lot of sense if a camp a flag. I am trying to get the gold shotgun. Camping doesnt really work with a shotgun ---- right?

User Info: Buggybear

4 years ago#5
Tdm, spiced heavily with xmas-noobs. :b
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User Info: Masterpie3000

4 years ago#6
domination/demolition and defend/camp, not the fastest method, but the easiest for sure

fastest would be KC and rush, three tags and you have a UAV to help you with the last 2
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 years ago#7
Demolition on Nuketown and just camping with a target finder. Doesn't work too well without an AR and of course it's not exactly helping the team, but no skill required and it's very easy to do.

Sad thing is, tons of points just wasted. Probably could have got dogs or a swarm by doing that, but instead I kept the low killstreaks equipped.
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User Info: emceecrispy

4 years ago#8
Personally, I like GW, especially domination, for bloodthirsties. I'll also run KC on hardcore depending on the weapon. I'll generally put three attachments on the gun and run with no secondary or lethals so I'm forced to use the primary. Shock grenades, dexterity, and anti-uav perks all help.
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User Info: MrJaeger

4 years ago#9
I seem to get them mostly on Hardpoint.
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