Trying to get diamond assualt rifles... Need some advice...

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User Info: ThePokeMan98

4 years ago#1
I'm trying to get all my assualt rifles diamond, and I've had little luck so far. I'm having a hard time getting those headshots. I'm currently om the AN-94, and have 40 headshots so far. I just want to get it over with so I can try out some other assualt rifle like the mtar or fal... Anyone who completed this before have any advice?
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User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#2
Just aim more for the head. The AN-94 is one of the more headshot-friendly ARs.
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User Info: GamingFever

4 years ago#3
Play domination. Hang around b. One your losing it go over and head shot them
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User Info: Freddie_Mays

4 years ago#4
For the AN-94 dont put the grip on let the natural recoil do the work for you, i got the headshots so quick on that gun i think i was averaging around 7 headshots a game with it.

User Info: J-ULTRA

4 years ago#5
Or boost like most cowards and other weak players.
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User Info: master_stief

4 years ago#6
The longshots are what take me the longest with the ARs.

But with headshots, sneak up on campers and resist the urge to slice them. That's where I've gotten most of mine from.

User Info: fang27

4 years ago#7
destructoclaus posted...
Just aim more for the head. The AN-94 is one of the more headshot-friendly ARs.

Agreed. Only the M8A1 is more headshot friendly IMO. If you're having trouble with the iron sights, put on a sight that you're most comfortable with and try that. As for game modes, try demolition or headquarters. Game modes where you know where the enemies are going to be are always better. The best map would be Nuketown.

Edit: Tried headshots only with the AN-94 on Nuketown. Playing demolition, and I got 29 headshots. You might die a lot, but the goal is the challenge, not your k/d.
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User Info: FreshSquilla

4 years ago#8
I'm almost done golding the M8A1 then all I have left is the AN94 (yay). Here are some tips that may help you out.

Headshots: Aim for the head obviously. Use 3 attachments on your AR. I typically use rds, foregrip, extended mag/select fire/quickdraw. I usually just play tdm unless im in a party and they want dom or something else but in tdm I'll average 5-7 per match.

150 kills no perks no attachments: Do these together! its not much harder than having all that crap anyway. Sometimes i go for several matches after completing the 150 before I remember to put em back on. This will make you a better player. Make sure to use 2x lethals & 2x Tacticals!!!!

Double Kills: This just comes with luck & knowledge of the map and enemy positions. It always helps to flank a bit to try to get behind the enemy for double kills. Silencer can help alot aswell as extended mag which is a must. Make sure to use extended mag! Domination works well with getting double kills. Dont play to aggressive. Sit back and wait for them to come past you.

Bloodthirstys: I always try for bloodthirsties while doing the 150/150 since I use 2x lethal & 2x tactical it makes for easy camping. Yea I camp for my bloodthirstys because it makes it much quicker to get all ten. Its good to find an area and lock it down the your betties n shockers. Camp so hard mu****** wanna fine me. You'll piss of the other team and they will start rushing into your bullets like lemmings. I think that KC is the best mode for this, just hold your area down and dont go for any tags that are out in the open. Make sure to equip UAV. I always do this challenge right after finishing 150/150, since for me it can be the hardest, usually you'll rake in a bunch of double kills while going for bloodthirstys anyway.

Longshots: Save for last since they are the easiest. Use target finder, FMJ, Extended mag. If you have to cherry pick some lobbies till you find a larger map.

Overall your k/d will drop but going for these challenges helped me just get better at this game in general. Good luck.

User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#9
TC wants the easiest ways possible ...

here's the perfect formula TC ...

for headshots ... either be good at headshots ... or equip the laser sight and engage in close 1 on 1's ... you'd find yourself farming headshots much easier ...

double kills ...? HQ or hardpoint .. go for teh objectives and unlaod ... if you're on a roll ... you can get 12 - 15 double kill medals in one match ...

blood thirsty ... sorry but the quickest way is luck ... and the longest way is luck ...

long shots ... forget about the game and just take a spot that guarantess you a long shot ... and pick enemies as they cross by ...
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