POLL: Treyarch or Infinity Ward who makes better CODs?

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User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#41
Thecross10 posted...
Really!?!?! I dont understand all the hate for MW3. It is leaps and bounds better than BO2. I am not a game expert by any means but BO2 is by far the worst fps I have played. I can throw MW3 in and have a fair chance at things; I cannot say that for BO2.

A large number of people feel the same way...MW3's online was hot garbage...I never sold a CoD so soon after release in the past. I've been playing FPS games since Wolfenstein 3D and online FPS games since Counter Strike and MW3 was the worst online experience I've had...CoD games in general have the worst connection issues I've seen in FPS games...yet it remains the highest selling FPS franchise...there's a lesson to be learnt from this.
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User Info: Zblueshell14

4 years ago#42
I'm gonna go with Treyarch. I loved World at War and Black Ops. If they fix some of the problems, Black Ops 2 would be on that list.

COD4 was the only Infinity Ward game I loved. Didn't care too much for MW2, and MW3 was terrible.
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User Info: Soul Reaver4

Soul Reaver4
4 years ago#43
Old IW > Treyarch > New IW

COD 4 > W@W > BO2 > MW2 = BO1 > MW3
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User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#44
@ thedarklord : i was just telling you that not everyone have the same standards ...

User Info: Ikasnu

4 years ago#45
thedarklordx3 posted...
CloneTheHero posted...
I am dumbfounded!!!! xDD

How in the world is Trreyarch even remotely better than IW!!!!??.. xDDD


here's a look at the differences between the Treyarch CODs


WW2 game
invented zombie mode


Cold War Era
adds more options to zombie mode
Emblem creator

Blops 2:

set in the future with future tech
choices that matter in SP
even more zombie options, in the future
Updated Create-a-Class and Emblem Maker into 2.0

now for the IW CODs

Call of Duty 4:

revolutionizes multiplayer and FPS multiplayer
first attempt at changing from WWII
Set the standard of CoD MP


controvertial yet awesome mission
New Engine
New Killstreak System (still implemented)
Spec Ops Mode


end to the MW saga and story
Survival (I think that's what it's called)

clearly treyarch is the inferior dev

This is incorrect and I'll bold what needs to be added and delete what doesn't and explain why.

1 - You listed "Choices" then listed "Choices that matter" despite the fact they're the same thing.

2 - There really aren't any vehicles in Black Ops 2.

3 - You said "All your favorite maps in the future". I've yet to see any familiar maps and this part of your post is completely subjective. I don't care for the maps, but you can't assume everyone does.

4 - "First effort at making a worthwhile Story" this is also just opinionated as I enjoyed CoD4 and BO's campaign very much.

5 - I didn't fully understand by what you meant by saying "Changes the war again" but I'm assuming you meant the futuristic setting.

6 - You said "Added Nuketown a awesome and popular map", again just your opinion. It's not a fact that contributes to your list.

7 - Replaced your "Changes war" with "Cold War Era".

8- Removed "Better Graphics" from MW2 and MW3 since they both played on the same engine.

So after looking at that, Infinity Ward/Activision created or at least were the first to use the new engine that came with MW2. WaW was a copy and paste of CoD4 in the WW2 setting with dingy but lovable graphics.

So if we skip past CoD4 which was the one that set the standard for all of these CoD games, MW2 was the last true innovative game.
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User Info: Yunthor_HnC

4 years ago#47
Which Infinity Ward? The original team that was fired because Activision wanted to keep their bonus', or the current team that released MW3?

Original IW > Treyarch >>> New IW
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User Info: jasongm

4 years ago#48
So far I prefer 3arc, the game isn't as arcadey/fast as MW3. IW's games seems a bit to fast for my play style, 3arc seems to do it right.

User Info: Hydroplane420

4 years ago#49
Soul Reaver4 posted...
Old IW > Treyarch > New IW

old IW was beast. COD4 and MW2 IMO were the best.COD 4 started it the new era of call of duty and online shooters. MW2 was just an improvement of COD4. better guns, more kill streaks, better QS, and still Black ops 1 with ok,great graphics and money system was excellent but couldnt stand the poor hit detection. Didnt really get off to w@, and black ops 2 would of been prefect if it wasnt for really bad lag comp, funky knifing system, shotguns firing quicker that an smg, having long range that an AR. mw3 was just bad, it lack creativity. I would just called it MW2.5. The "prefect" cod game for me would be Treyarch's design with IW engine.

User Info: OrlandoMagician

4 years ago#50
Original IW>3arc
3arc>Current IW

I stopped playing MW3 mp 2 and half months before BO2 came out since I got bored and became unplayable. I prefer spec ops/survival/chaos to zombies since zombies can put me sleep, but I'll admit 3arc was far more creative there.
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