POLL: Treyarch or Infinity Ward who makes better CODs?

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User Info: NorCal650

4 years ago#51
I'd rate the series like this: 1) COD4 2) MW2 3) BO2 or BO and then the rest I don't care for at all. Reason why I give this order is because Infinity wards character movement and smoothness to me is 100x better than treyarchs . Treyarch has a couple things going for them: I like the way you level up and the way their loadouts are and of course zombies was a great little add-on feature. The main reason COD4 was the best was it was the last game made by activision that did not implement this newer lag compensation they are now currently using and the balance of COD4 . The spawns on COD4 were not as frustrating as they are now, although it did take them a while to get that all sorted out . I'd still be playing COD4 if they kept coming out with new map packs. I can't say that for any of the other games in this series that is for sure. So , the biggest issue I have is the screwed up lag compensation .
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User Info: xSnoMayn

4 years ago#52
Since I didn't play CoD4 during its peak and I've never played W@W. Heres how I'd rank them
BO1 = BO2 > MW3 > MW2

I loved Black Ops 1 and I love Black Ops 2. MW3 beats MW2 because of Face Off & Specialist.

User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#53
Ikasnu posted...

This is incorrect and I'll bold what needs to be added and delete what doesn't and explain why.

1 - You listed "Choices" then listed "Choices that matter" despite the fact they're the same thing. they are 2 different things(a forked path that curves back together, isn't a real choice, a forked path that takes you to 2 different places IS a real choice), but I probably shouldn't have listed both

2 - There really aren't any vehicles in Black Ops 2. awww they still didn't make it to the MP?

3 - You said "All your favorite maps in the future". I've yet to see any familiar maps and this part of your post is completely subjective. I don't care for the maps, but you can't assume everyone does. nuketown 2025, I thought there were more than that, but it alone proves my point

4 - "First effort at making a worthwhile Story" this is also just opinionated as I enjoyed CoD4 and BO's campaign very much. 5 hour long story in a $60 game, MW would've been good as 1 game with a 15 hour long campaign

5 - I didn't fully understand by what you meant by saying "Changes the war again" but I'm assuming you meant the futuristic setting. yeah

6 - You said "Added Nuketown a awesome and popular map", again just your opinion. It's not a fact that contributes to your list. there were people who didn't like nuketown?

7 - Replaced your "Changes war" with "Cold War Era". eh, same thing

8- Removed "Better Graphics" from MW2 and MW3 since they both played on the same engine. so? morrowind, oblivion, FO3, probably FO:NV and skyrim all run on modified versions of the same engine, do they have the same graphics? does every unreal 3 game have the same graphics?

So after looking at that, Infinity Ward/Activision created or at least were the first to use the new engine that came with MW2. WaW was a copy and paste of CoD4 in the WW2 setting with dingy but lovable graphics.

So if we skip past CoD4 which was the one that set the standard for all of these CoD games, MW2 was the last true innovative game. all of the treyarch games were innovative, I don't remember having choice in the story of any of the CODs post-4 pre-BO2 , nor do I remember futuristic stuff
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User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#54
Zed7777ZR1 posted...
@ thedarklord : i was just telling you that not everyone have the same standards ...

oh, OK

people who think that IW is/was better have some pretty wonky standards
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User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#55
kollisionn777 posted...
why is it that these polls always leave out the first 3 cods? i started from cod4 but id like to know how 1-3 are received here

the first 3 were nothing like the rest of them, they actually had REAL singleplayer and no MP
Blast'd kids and their posts that only say "Sig'd"! You can't sig "Sig'd"! -grand_maester
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User Info: Jikkle

4 years ago#56
Old IW slightly edges out Treyarch.

I thought CoD4 despite it's flaws was the best of the series. Best campaign and the MP still to me requires the most skill and kills were more based on gun play and not as much of some random unavoidable drone crashing into you or someone in an AC-130 blowing you to bits as soon as you spawn.

Wasn't a huge fan of MW2. Had some high points to it but I felt it was the beginning of all the extra fluff and garbage that diminished the emphasis of skill in the game.

Treyarch I give a lot of credit because they actively try to tweak and keep the game as fresh as possible without getting away too much from the core gameplay. You just wish their games ran as smooth as IWs CoDs did.

It would be nice if you could combine the best of both companies.


4 years ago#57
Asylum_71 posted...
IW makes bad games and chooses the stupidest ways to cater to bad kids. No thanks.

Beats having map designed in a way that you cannot skillful avoid getting killed while rushing or camping.

Thus Blops 2's maps are nothing more than mayham incarnate.

And that is before the spawn problems that are STILL an issue on Dec 31st ...
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Infinity Ward ... even the current version >>>>>>>>> Treyarch
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