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User Info: OrlandoMagician

4 years ago#11
Tinker with various sensitivities. I was a 6 on BO1 and that was plenty high for me, but on this game I'm already at 8. I might eventually bump it up to 9, but anything past 11 is way too extreme IMO.

User Info: Hiruseki

4 years ago#12
4 on BO2, 2 on every other CoD.

User Info: iToro86

4 years ago#13
11. It doesn't improve your skill by any means, I just like to have it up there cause anything less than 10 feels sluggish.

But when I'm on zombies, I have it in 14 (maximum)
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User Info: CassyChan

4 years ago#14
sece1212 posted...
GreatKiraLord posted...
Most pros have ridiculously low sensitivity for better accuracy.
I just can't do anything on low sensitivity, sadly.
I have it on 11.

I think it's basically a given that lower sensitivities are better in competitive gaming. I remember when I played Counter Strike 1.6 having sensitivity more than 2.5 (PC gaming) was already considered too high.

CS is a very different game to CoD though, CS isn't as fast (imo, been playing it since about 1.3) and you don't have people spawning close-by on either side of you like you do in CoD, it also doesn't have crazy in-built aim assist and the headshot multipliers in Black Ops II are pretty poor for most weapons (some don't even have any).

High sensitivities have the advantage of quicker turn speeds and being able to get generally on target quicker, the downside of course is that micro movements aren't as precise but that's dependant upon skill (and due to the ttk and poor headshot multipliers for most weapons being generally on target on someone's torso is really all you need, precise movements for headshots aren't worthwhile a lot of the time). If you get used to higher sensitivities you can make the movements to be on target faster and you have the benefits of the quicker turn speed.

Depends on the weapon and playstyle really though, but generally I'd say CoD is well-suited to high sensitivities whereas CS isn't.
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User Info: powderslinger

4 years ago#15
Moved it up to 7 for this one. Used to play on 5, but it felt sluggish.

User Info: jdak10

4 years ago#16
powderslinger posted...
Moved it up to 7 for this one. Used to play on 5, but it felt sluggish.

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