I have done the master prestige glitch

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User Info: SirDerpAlot

4 years ago#1
Some might think otherwise of me, I mean, I took the easy way out, I have all diamond camos and whatnot, and I don't level anymore.

Here's what I'm going to tell you, I'm not mlg pro, I play this game only because I like CoD, master prestiging gives you no advantage whatsoever.

I'd rather not even have diamond camos, it hurts my eyes. I only did it because of the fact that it gives me all the guns unlocked, not because i think i'm good or deserve any recognition.

Do the glitch if you play to play a shooting game

Don't do the glitch if you are a completionist and enjoy playing the game for the thrill of completing it fully.
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User Info: EvilZ123456

4 years ago#2
njoi ur barn sukka

User Info: Magikarp786

4 years ago#3
EvilZ123456 posted...
njoi ur barn sukka

Awww he got you a barn
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User Info: Asylum_71

4 years ago#4
von said u getn reset lolol
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User Info: ZidaneDissidia

4 years ago#5
Whatever you need to tell yourself. It is cheating and you can rationalize it anyway you want. Hell, you can even take the pre-emptive, tell everyone you did it, and try to feel good about it in that way. But hey do what you want, your scores won't improve and your levels will be reset at some point anyways. So hop on the glitchers bandwagon and have your fun while you can.

User Info: iWarGod

4 years ago#6
lmao tc gettin reset and ban

User Info: demo_vol1

4 years ago#7
I did the glitch on a second account and I got bored. I went back to my main account after 2 weeks of having everything. Its not that fun when you dont get to unlock anything. I still get on it time to time to mess around and piss off my team by only using assault shields and ballistic knifes in SnD haha.
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User Info: Mountaintop884

4 years ago#8
It's a PvP game. Cheating in that type of game no matter what you gain or don't gain should get you banned. One player or co op have your fun if the players in your party are cool with it. But not PvP. I hope they hold true to what they said.

User Info: Poison_Toad12

4 years ago#9
its just the 1st offense, you'll get reseted for sure, theres no ban. you can check twitter. 1 kid asked to vahn if the glitchers are getting a reset?. VAHN said '' 100% correct''
u mad bro?....
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User Info: SDR1845

4 years ago#10
Troll topic is successful. TC drops a load never to be seen in his own topic again.
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  3. I have done the master prestige glitch

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