Do you guys enjoy any Youtube Commentators?

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User Info: Zblueshell14

4 years ago#31
harlem545 posted...
Minnesotaburns. Funny guy.

Yeah Minnesota is still pretty good.
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User Info: Hydroplane420

4 years ago#32
Ali-A is a cool guy, has some great strategies on how to play the game. Optic_Midnite, she just so hot and an amazing player. And vikkstar123 guy has mad skillZ, one of the best cod player Plus the dubstep music in his montage, good job. Well produce montages

User Info: TheBlackAce222

4 years ago#33

I need nothing more
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User Info: Grand_Superior

4 years ago#34
I haven't watched a COD commentary in months. I watched WingsofRedemption, Smoove, and ELPRESADOR back in the day but nowadays I can't even bring myself to watch anything COD-related on Youtube.
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User Info: Syko_Darksyde

4 years ago#35
I watched many of Syndicates videos back on BLOPS 1. I also watched a few of SpiderBites videos to learn how to get trophies.

User Info: MrRandyRhoads

4 years ago#36
DinoRidingJesus is one of the most entertaining. Barely any COD content, but perhaps that is why I enjoy it so much.
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User Info: Ice Weasel

Ice Weasel
4 years ago#37
I used to subscribe to a few but I've since dropped them all, even Woody. Same old crap over and over.

User Info: Ice Weasel

Ice Weasel
4 years ago#38
destructoclaus posted...
I enjoy when they actually give insight about the game, their strategy, and why they're doing the things they're doing. I don't like to hear their opinions on the game or any of their corny ass jokes, because not a single one of them is funny.

I also can't stand what seems to be the obligatory, "I know the team I'm facing isn't the BEST but..."

Come on, YouTubers. They know damn well that those players are nowhere even halfway decent. And guess what, WE know that, too. It's no secret that every YouTuber out there looks for extremely weak lobbies to make their gameplay videos in because not a single one of them is capable of playing the way they say they advertise that they do.

It's even worse than that. One You Tuber who shall remain nameless, posted a MW 3 video where he says, "I just wanted to share this video of a MOAB I got the other night". Yet when you look at the scoreboard at the end of the match, everyone in there, (it was FFA) was either one of his friends or co-workers. They clearly weren't even trying to kill him. And then there's that other d-bag who would get all his subscribers to play with him and they were all required to run Support so he could get a MOAB. So friggin' lame.

User Info: B0TD

4 years ago#39
You guys have to watch Dying Soldier. Non stop rushing. I think every class he uses is LW SCAV DEX EXTREME.

It looks likr hes playing with three hands.

User Info: MindkillerNL

4 years ago#40
If you want entertaining commentators that don't post nonsense, you should check these guys out:

From the UK, has some good points and an entertaining voice.

Chris Smoove:
He's funny, straight to the point and gives tips every now and then.

A young gamer with honest commentaries. She gets her subs because of that, not because of her looks.

Officer Hall:
A crazy redneck who's all run and gun, a bit goofy but does have some good points.
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