Need some advice on becoming a better player

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User Info: Weiland101

4 years ago#21
Shotgunner posted...
Re2ismyFav posted...
well play style would help give us an idea where to start. and game modes you play the most.

its good that you communicate that info, part of being a good team mate. with engineer it delays the explosion as well so try rushing through and killing them :)

also theres a big difference between camping and defending.

I try to communicate, but half the time doesnt listen and clusters around the crate like it contained a billion tax free dollars.

My play style is pretty much run n gun. Most of my time is spent playing TDM, FFA or One In the Chamber, though occasionally I'll jump into a different mode for the hell of it. I'll swap out setups depending on the situation, but two thingsI NEVER touch are the sniper rifles or LMGs.

My main weapons are the PDW and Shotgun(I forget what it's called but it's the basic pump action - NOT the KSG). I havent logged in in awhile(been busy ranking up my MW3 profile) but I'm going to get back into BO2 since all of the "so called gods" will be busy with the new DLC on tuesday.

The Shotgun I have long barrel and quick reload. I believe the PDW has quick reload, red dot and silencer.

Well if you are playing on the PS3 you will be waiting a while for the "so called gods" to start on the new DLC.

User Info: Re2ismyFav

4 years ago#22
you should avoid the optical sights on SMGs altogether bc there are other useful attachments. Try swapping out fast mag for laser sight for both. keep the silencer if you want.

also try objective game modes, the reality about TDM is the objective is NOT to die and this involves camping. people are more active in objective game modes.

it helps when you can play the spawns as well. FFA has very predictable spawn points. Ever spawn in on Carrier or Standoff just to have someone waiting on you as you sprint out?

theyre playing the spawn point. keep in mind where they killed you from. You want to be able to kill people around a high trafric area w/o getting directly involved.

ex Plaza some guys up top with a claymore at each entrance, head glitching the vent. why not stay in the first floor and kill people trying to get to him? lol you can force him out of his comfort zone when he realises what's going on.

use UAV care p, and sentry. CP's are good as bait - players will be drawn to them like moths to light.

this should raise your KD fast especially since you havent played a lot.
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User Info: Anhell310

4 years ago#23
Shotgunner posted...
iCheckz suggested I ask you guys which videos, online guides, etc I should take a look at to get better. I know practice makes perfect, but my skill is.....I wont say I'm a terrible player, but I'm far from being able to have a "neutral" k/d ratio(especially in MW3), and thus I get a lot of crap about it.

I don't care about my stats personally as I play for fun - but I would like to become a better player. The only reason I'm paying attention to my stats is to become better - my goal is to even out my K/D as close to 1.0 as possible(I'd be happy with 0.9 to be honest).

A lot of people are making waves about how anyone with a 0.whatever k/d suck - so here it is. One of the "sucky" players asking for help.

I'm looking to do this on the cheap, so to speak, so please don't suggest I run out and buy any sort of guide. I'll be happy to read any guide online, view any video - but I don't know which ones are good and which ones are crap. If you guys could please suggest ones I'd really appreicate it.

I became a better player by playing search and destroy with my friends on MW2, I saw how one of them would constantly run and wave his camera constantly, he was rank 1,490 of the world on xbox live on MW3. I started doing the same thing, I put my sensitivity on very high and started getting used to it and running around waving my camera all over the place till I got used to spotting people from over a mile, I seriously would not miss a single player on any other gametype after this. BTW this is Anhellsin's brother, I just don't have an account. Anyways you first should adapt your sight and try not to leave your eye on just the middle of the screen, instead move your eyes around the whole screen rapidly and you will be able to spot people before they spot you. then after you get used to that, start taking notes on where is the action on every map and where do people will most likely will be camping at and then take extra precaution when going in by using your tactical, like flash bangs etc. and last but not least you need to have balanced classes, depending on your game types, because there are different scenarios on every game type/ MAp. and watch some videos online too.
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User Info: The Lionheart

The Lionheart
4 years ago#24
Being good at this game is easy with limited skill just as long as you have a decent connection. I find it takes way more skill to do decent on a horrid connection, but that's just me. To get better try out offline with bots first then move to online combat training. With offline bot play you can determine which weapons and setups you like plus it gives you map knowledge(areas to avoid or exploit) and gun knowledge (time to kill, recoil patterns, and overall feel). After you are comfortable with that go online with combat training to see the difference with lag and adjust. You'll be surprised by the difference. Avoid lobbies with high kill death ratio and high prestige. Reason being is that these idiots are there to exploit players that aren't that good to make themselves feel better about being "great" players. Once you feel comfortable move to actual lobbies with real people, but beware the no lifers. The people who are able to play this everyday for more than 5 hours at a time. Unless you have the connection advantage you will never beat them. They may have no life, but they are hella good at the game...

Also don't drop shot, quick scope, or spam C-4. Such things are for idiots not upstarts.

Just my 2 cents.

User Info: paint87

4 years ago#25
i have an idea... play bf3 then you'll get better.
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User Info: Shotgunner

4 years ago#26
The Lionheart posted...
Also don't drop shot, quick scope, or spam C-4. Such things are for idiots not upstarts.

People who do things like that I try to noob tube, I freely admit. Or at least hit them directly with my attached GL.

As for BF3 - my interest in the BF franchise began and ended with BF:Vietnam.
Your precious K/D ratio doesn't mean crap. That and $3 will get you a coffee from Starbucks.
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