Getting really tired of target finder. Might as well just use it myself.

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  3. Getting really tired of target finder. Might as well just use it myself.

User Info: assbreeze

4 years ago#21
I was using the TF on Drone the other day with a select fire AN94.

Some dude ran out RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME trying to go Rambo style and I shot him up for the final kill. When it showed the reply, he went "nice job, target finder noob".

I replied "yeah, because I really needed the finder to see your stupid ass run right out in my face?"

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User Info: ors_kar

4 years ago#22
I ran into a clan all running TF + LMG in Hardcore TDM on Yemen the other day.

They just kept setting up in various rooms and moving on once people worked out where they were, to avoid grenades I'm guessing.

They mostly had flak jacket or hard-wired also.

I can tolerate TF because I spam EMP grenades, but a whole team of it is unbearable.


plus, what gives with tf on silenced smg? they're hip firing 90% of the time and if they're at a distance where TF is useful they're probably getting out-ranged by an AR/LMG

edit: I just remembered my friend went 89-1 on Nuketown demo with a TF LMG by camping behind the Garage Bomb(B?), letting them take A for the time extensions and having me watch his flank.
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User Info: dougsdad0629

4 years ago#23
I tried it out for a few matches last night. While it did alert me to a few head glitchers I didn't know were there, overall I hated it. It obstructed way too much of my view and you get focused on looking for the diamonds that a cold blooded person takes you by surprise. Maybe it works for some people's playstyle, but it sure didn't fit mine.
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User Info: aznbowla

4 years ago#24
you rush you camp you kill, people just doesn't like dying, so they'll b!tch about anything. Just play the game who cares what anyone say or just mute the damn lobby lol.
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User Info: M14PRO

4 years ago#25
I use it and do not camp just because a person is standing still doesn't mean they are camping. I use it on my scar with QuickDraw it wrecks change the gun completely to a headshot machine.
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User Info: juker79

4 years ago#26
Number1Survivor posted...
Do it. In fact, why not go full n00b and use it on a Suppressed SMG?

Honestly, if you're going to go n00b, go full n00b.

Never go full noob,it's career suicide.

User Info: Trevor_Rock

4 years ago#27
indiansfan4444 posted...
TheRealPhattyJ posted...
dougsdad0629 posted...
It didn't used to bother me much, but now it's getting really annoying. I'm getting tired of people camping with a target finder. I can't even counter it completely with cold blooded because their sight still turns red. Up until now, I've refused to use it because I didn't want to be a hypocrite and I know how the community in general feels about it. I didn't want everybody to be cursing me on every killcam for using it.

I'm getting really close to just using it myself. I dunno. Haven't decided yet.

Why do people assume that those who use the target finder need it to see them? Is it because those same people can't tell the difference between the teams? Do they have to wait for the red name above their heads, too, so they know who to shoot at? Some of us just use it as a way to cut down the peripheral vision and concentrate on a choke point while our team mates cover other fields of fire, and it gives a nice zoom. Shoot, even after being EMP'ed and the crosshairs being gone it doesn't even make much difference. Believe me, those who have gotten their gun to a sufficient level to unlock the target finder probably have no problem picking people out and shooting them, and you'd be just as dead if they used a different sight.

This right here. I use a target finder with the stock on my assault rifles and it works well but at the same time most of those people I probably would of got anyway because I did just as well before unlocking it. Granted the people in buildings are a little easier to find but if you already know how to trust your senses then the target finder is more of a flashlight on the gun to see people in the shadow.

I agree as well. Depending on the map and game type, I'll use a TF+LMG set up. Yeah, it's camp-ish, but what do people expect me to do playing domination on Slums? They bottleneck into that doorway to B and sprint through without looking and get killed. Boo hoo. I'm not going to let you kill my team and take the point. The same setup works well on Standoff when people are trying to snipe a lot, for exactly the reasons people think the TF is cheap. Some dude hiding in that bedroom with a tiny speck of his head showing spamming the SVU? Oh well. Red diamond, fmj, mk48 until he rages and switches class to come get me. It's not really that much fun and isn't an impressive feat, but it keeps the frustration down for my team.

There was a game I ran around the tank to keep people off B, killed 2, and had one more sprint in as I was lowering the gun. Takes a long time to come up, slow to turn and made even worse because the TF is on it, get killed but I still had the killcam. They start talking smack like I didn't just mow down two people and the TF wasn't actually making it harder to fight someone close range, or that it might have been difficult to spot someone in the middle of the street.

User Info: darkstar07

4 years ago#28
i tried out the target finder for awhile only to get the title but i found its really good for picking off campers
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User Info: thompsontalker7

4 years ago#29
If you can't beat them, join them.
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User Info: sandman9900

4 years ago#30
I just think the TF is pretty much a noob attachment. Almost always used by people camping out in some corner. I'm not going to bash them for earning it on their gun, it's just that in dark areas you know the TF will sometimes pick up the enemy before your own eyes will. While I'm complaining about noob stuff, I think the SVU-AS sniper rifle deserves a mention. I thought snipers were supposed to have good aim. I've never encountered a sniper using that rifle that was able to drop me without using his entire magazine. I guess people just use it as a scoped assault rifle.
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  3. Getting really tired of target finder. Might as well just use it myself.

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