Target Finder makes me want to punch myself in the face

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User Info: TheKingOfKool

4 years ago#1
I was trying to get the Nuked Out Medal.

I was 20-0 and had a VSAT up on Yemen and a guy with a Target Finder LMG wall bangs me lmao. I was mad but I didn't care and continued the game and next thing I knew in that same game everyone switched to Target Finders and I finished 30-3. All 3 deaths coming from someone using a Target Finder

I was playing Domination with some friends and some guy was using the Swat with a Target Finder and Suppressor and would literally ADS the whole time until he got his Killstreaks. We called him out on being a camper and he said he wasn't. Final Killcam? Him sitting on the ledge at B Dom on Drone ADSing towards A Dom and killing a guy as he spawned.
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User Info: Jeric735

4 years ago#2
Well hey, at least he camped a good place. Great pathway control if they seriously couldn't take him out at that spot.
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User Info: TheKingOfKool

4 years ago#3
No he was just there for the ending. Most of the game he spent it hiding with his clan mate. Each one of them ADSing at a door.

I just turned the game off after I ran into the building at C Dom to kill a sniper on the balcony and he was in the building too sitting in the dark corner. Then he went up to the ledge to the right of C Dom. So what did I do to counter him? Throw down smoke so he can't see me and flank him but the Target Finder still Red Marked me.
There is no pleasure in life. There is only a relief of pain. We have to suffer to be on top.

User Info: sgr8

4 years ago#4
i feel sorry for the rushers who i kill with TF. some games go 20-0 now or like 20-2 , and i cant remember having a game where i went negative or just even. I play non-objective based. My K/D went from 1 to 2 thanks to TF.

i never had a 20-0 game in COD ever until TF. I do get hatemail , people calling me camper or some insults.. Why would I care? It makes me happy actually when people go mad because I killed them 10 times in a game at their favorite camping spot.

I like to play like this and its fun.

Why rush around again, like I used to? When its always a struggle? When you lose most duels? Or somebody snipes you across the map without being able to shoot at him with an SMG?

And yeah I do destroy a lot of pointstreaks because the enemy team almost never gets any. When I play with a friend who is a rusher but really good, we never lose a game even against full teams.

There is protection against TF tho , and I still see the red dot or the player obviously, but the protection still helps a lot. Plus not all people with TF do good I see a lot who go negative even with TF.

Essentially, I never was a sniper, but TF is sniping (if you play it right) perfection, best played from a camping spot with bouncing bettys / guardian protecting your back.

User Info: Jeric735

4 years ago#5
I think they can balance the TF by decreasing its zoom level. I really usually just take it because it outperforms the ACOG as it has that detection feature. However, if it didn't zoom so much, I would definitely choose the ACOG instead.
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User Info: jswabb

4 years ago#6
I honestly can't think of a time where I was killed by a target finder where I wouldn't still have died no matter what sight they had.
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User Info: TheRealPhattyJ

4 years ago#7
jswabb posted...
I honestly can't think of a time where I was killed by a target finder where I wouldn't still have died no matter what sight they had.

And I'm pretty sure I can count the number of times I got somebody I wouldn't have without it on one hand...although it's hard to be objective about it. Just remember, it's never the guy with the TF's fault if you and your team keep insisting on running straight towards him over and over. But it is your choice on how you react to it. had 2 games last night that were great examples...

game 1 was domination at yemen. i set up with 2 betties on my back and held C for the entire first round by myself, leaving our whole team to run rampant at b and kept them mostly stuck. They kept just running up the driveway straight at me over and over. 2nd round, they non-stop EMP'ed us. Luckily even without the crosshairs I've got a pretty good sense of where the center is, so they still didn't get C but it was a tough game. At the end, everybody on both teams was laughing and having a good time.

little later with different folks it was TDM at drone. we spawned at A, I ran up the stairs and into the building and shot the guy across on the other side. and then his buddy that came. and then his buddy that came. rinse repeat, for the whole game they just never stopped coming. but, since they never once tried to adapt, go around, or even try from behind i was a "camping target finding (long list of expletives, racial slurs, and homophobic references)". All because they play like trains on a track.

It's all in how you adapt and deal with it.

User Info: Mistahskillet

4 years ago#8
Yeah I never really noticed how TF affected people, I hardly got killed by a TG user until the recent NukeTown 24/7. Jesus lord. When I got killed by a TG camper, I usually avoid where I just died, and flank them xD.
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User Info: ors_kar

4 years ago#9
I like keeping my distance from people because I like using ARs and keeping range is the only way to get anywhere with them. ARs are pretty good against head-glitching too.

Sometimes I see a guy covering an area, where I can't flank them, so just try a head-on ranged fight. I'll try to catch them off guard by moving slowly around cover for the shot, as they won't notice me that well, but with a TF user, me moving that slowly is an easy shot. Every other time I would've won that fight.

My only choices then, on respawn, is to EMP grenade and alert them that I'm coming or to fight my way to their flank just for that kill.

I can tell pretty well when I was killed with TF now, before the killcam pops up. I know when I shouldn't be seen unless you're using TF, Sniper or have some 10 foot tv with brightness set to max.

I've tried it myself and the tunnel vision is unbearable for being on the move. I don't know how you can play with it other than picking a camp spot, dumping claymores/betties behind you and hoping a flanker with engineer doesn't turn up.

I think TF should only be for LMG or at least work like the MMS seems to, where you need to stay still a bit.
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