Advice needed for gold assault shield

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User Info: Tacosnak

4 years ago#11
colum24 posted...
drewtheblue posted...
colum24 posted...
If you're struggling try hardcore.

The only annoying challenge is the 25 kills with no perks.

25 kills with no weapons can also be a little annoying a times because you can't use stuns or any tactical equipment.

You can equip tacticals because im in the process of golding my shield and use concussion grenades and it still counts towards that challenge.. But you cant use tactician and have 4 tac slots.

Well Treyarch must hate me then because it didn't work for me when I golded my shield.

Still it was fun trying to get the bash kills without using tactical equipment.

I remember this not working for me. Could be they Ninja updated it. I remember I had 6 perks and a shield.
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User Info: DragonForLife

4 years ago#12
So for the 25 kills with no weapons, that means no lethals and you can only get kills with the shield equipped?
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  3. Advice needed for gold assault shield

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