Freezing issues still there

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User Info: shadowscreed

4 years ago#1
more than half way through a match the game freezes on me when i was shooting someone on the train map. it froze then it showed one of my friends come online. WHY THE HECK WAS THIS NOT FIXED WITH A UPDATE! wow i am tired of this games issues! its like they dont ever get it. why are there so many issues? i might know why. if this games a port from xbox360 of corse its going to have big issues! why the heck do they keep doing this to there fans? COD games should not be at a 60 dollar price point at all. it should of costed 30 dollars instead.

is there anyone out there that is going thro all these mistakes the devs are makeing?
SOUND OFF in the comments if you are still seeing problems with the game.
DeAD!! and LOvIn IT

User Info: L4ndoGr1ff1n

4 years ago#2
Freezing wasn't much of an issue prior to the latest update, now I have been experiencing freezing on a regular basis. I have a slim and a phat ps3 and both have issues when playing BO2.
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  3. Freezing issues still there

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