This what I see in every match of Domination

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User Info: 3500z

4 years ago#1
Enemy teams use Sentry Guns or Guardians and no one takes these things out with EMP nades. Not even one guy is running EMP full time, not one! Mind boggling, lol!

Everyone uses Primary Gunner Fighter and use ZERO tactical nades. Sure, I have the EMP in another class but I'm forced to use SMOKE because I'm capturing B solo in every single match.

I got two choices here. Carry an Assault Shield w/ EMP nades or play Domination like everyone and just kill farm like it's TDM.

So who are you in Domination?

A) Frustrated B flag solo capping machine
B) Selfish zero B capping moron that only worries about getting their Warthog, etc.
C) Pothead and don't give a F about winning or losing

Guns Don't Kill People, Lag Does~!

User Info: Jacket60

4 years ago#2
I always have 2 EMP grenades on objective based modes. Took out a hellstorm missile with one last week.

User Info: 3500z

4 years ago#3
How do you capture B?
Guns Don't Kill People, Lag Does~!

User Info: Lord of Little

Lord of Little
4 years ago#4
3500z posted...
How do you capture B?

What's B?
Only users lose drugs

User Info: patcooper114

4 years ago#5
i either use hard hat or emp in every class setup
psn= patcooper

User Info: VisibleNinjaHO

4 years ago#6
Mostly C, but i'm always pushing to grab a flag and defend them when i can.
White 2 FC 5201 0489 4294 (Name: GAI)

User Info: Re2ismyFav

4 years ago#7
we just get VSATs for days and trip cap !

if im solo i defend B area until we have support to get B. if my randO teammates flip their spawn i'll join for the plus 200.

unleash my vsat /dogs/ swarm next round.

but if they really suk (like unable to win a gunfight w/ a VSAT up ), i leave.
psn - LeeTl-_-lFACE .... will work for Good Connection

User Info: chrpskwk

4 years ago#8
why not just use smoke and emp nades?

User Info: thrrr

4 years ago#9
Im the guy with 6-10 caps, running black hats for uav's and sentrys. Im the guy putting up countless uav, cuav, and vsat's. Im the guy with the mic. Yeah that guy who shot down the warthog....that was me. You can stop hiding now, im here.

User Info: _Deadeye_CM_

4 years ago#10
I'm the guy who gets the Opening Move medal every round. I'm throwing up UAVs and Sentry Guns covering B, using my EMP nades to take out Dragonfires, Guardians, Sentry Guns, etc. I'm the guy with 5+ caps, 5+ defends. Oh, some people are trying to take the flag where we're spawning while we have all of the other flags? And you're running in the opposite direction to go camp some more? That's okay, I'll use my Lightning Strike to take them all out.

(I'd be using UAV, Sentry, VSAT, but I don't have it unlocked yet.)

Now obviously I don't do that well every game. Most of the time I join 3/4 over games where we're losing 12-197 and end up spawn trapped or something.
PSN: MisterDeadeye
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