This what I see in every match of Domination

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User Info: gamecreator1

4 years ago#11
Im so (A) which pisses me off when the rest of my team is (C) and the entire other team is (B) every game.
Its not Luck its skill. PSN:jay_hawk127

User Info: fdofhsaiuhshgiu

4 years ago#12
Black Hat. Problem Solved. Though EMP grenades are nice to use full time.
PSN: fdofhsaiuhshgiu
''I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.''

User Info: Theboss1248

4 years ago#13
Mix between A and B, I'll usually rush to their flag ASAPly and try to get a few kills, then I cap their flag and defend their flag or B if we manage to get it.
GC IGN: Boss112358
PSN: the_boss1013

User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#14
I am the guy who is all "guys, lets win this, and go for the trip. cap challenge".

And they are always, ALWAYS like this:

It would be ok if only every 1/5 games was like this, but nope, 95% of my games are basically TDM with 3 bonus zones
"The faster I run, insanity can't catch me!"-Lanipator
"An arrow piercing a knee is no laughing matter."-Malus_X6

User Info: LilRoss2k3

4 years ago#15
aw well...the new domination sucks anyway
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User Info: fallenKlNG

4 years ago#16
I run emp nades, Engineer, and FHJ full time. Team player ftw.
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User Info: BURL32

4 years ago#17
Send friend request. I'm always looking for good Dom players. I avg around 5 to 10 caps and 20 to 30 kills and I have my backup class with Emps to counter those Sentries or I always just take them out with my faithful PDW
~~~Behold a red horse and its rider WAR was given power to take peace from earth and to make men slay each other.To him was given a massive sword.: Psn BURL32
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  3. This what I see in every match of Domination

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