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User Info: VisibleNinjaHO

4 years ago#1
So, whats combo(es) do you like to use?

as for me....
Hunter Killer - Lighting Strikes - Dragonfire/AGR, for all around solid offensive power (Dragonfire for larger maps and AGR for smaller ones)
Counter UAV - Guardian - Sentry Gun, Defensive for DOM and Hardpoint/HQ.
Lighting Strikes - Orbital VSAT - K9/Swarm, for Maximum owange!

So, what do you use? Or otherwise think is a good combo?
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User Info: Shadow_Jolteon

4 years ago#2
Care Package - VSAT - EMP Systems

Care Package is Care Package and I like the randomness it can give. I can also store up to 3 streaks (total of 5 streaks I can use except CP itself). VSAT is there for my team and EMP Systems is there for special moments when I need to use it or if I'm going get another one again.

User Info: Tre1299

4 years ago#3
Stealth Chopper/warthog/K9 unit. I like the SC and Warthpg because they each givee 25 points instead of 15 and weell dogs are dogs haha

User Info: EvilZ123456

4 years ago#4
lightning strike - stealth chopper - warthog

easy cycle set up if your warthog goes to work

i had 1 match earlier where i got like 23 warthog kills / 15 stealth chopper / 8 lightning strike

i cycled the streaks 3 times in a one life


User Info: harlem545

4 years ago#5
When I use Cyrax I like to start off with a reset......

Oops, wrong game.
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User Info: iToro86

4 years ago#6
UAV (a must have for me) -> Lightning Strike (Works perfect for anything, defending flags, securing HP, etc..) -> Steath Choppa (my favorite SS)
PSN: JP86_tb.
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