Should previous CODs get double xp?

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  3. Should previous CODs get double xp?

User Info: _Killzor_

4 years ago#1
Should all previous COD games be given permanent double xp after a new COD get released? - Results (60 votes)
50% (30 votes)
Yes, a few months after the new COD is released
26.67% (16 votes)
23.33% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I think that if a new game is released it should give double XP to older titles so that even with a smaller community you can rank up in them faster.

User Info: C_Mat

4 years ago#2
I don't see any reason to.

User Info: LilRoss2k3

4 years ago#3
no not permanently...but i see no reason not to do double xp events across all games.
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User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#4
didn't they have permenant double xp for a long while in COD4 after MW2 was rel;eased ...? i could be wrong ...

User Info: veggie530

4 years ago#5
I dunno why not
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  3. Should previous CODs get double xp?

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