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User Info: darkarceusx

4 years ago#1
How the heck are you supposed to get this without a full party?

User Info: LuneyToonz

4 years ago#2
You aren't. Forces team play to accomplish. And luck, and skill.
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User Info: Greg_thestrange

4 years ago#3
You have to get a party to get it. Otherwise any attempt at cooperation will be futile because the insanely large number of A**hats in this game. I run into so many poorly behaved people on this game... I don't understand, but whatever.
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User Info: KaraSawaKnight

4 years ago#4
Sheer dumb luck. I only got it because the whole enemy team left cept one stubborn dude. By the time more people actually joined they couldnt flip a flag before we got credit for the 3 minutes. So yeah, sheer dumb luck. Seems a few things in this game rely on that for outcomes.
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User Info: kuter

4 years ago#5
I got mine when the other team kept leaving, which ended giving host to our laggy buddy from germany, and only 1 person remained on the other side, and we told our self, don't kill him unless he tries to cap, so for 3min nobody could join, and we got our challenge D:

User Info: Re2ismyFav

4 years ago#6
easiest map by far is overflow once you have them dominated.

they will spawn along the exterior of the map
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User Info: Jeric735

4 years ago#7
I got it by accident when me and a friend got placed in a full team versus three other guys in Turbine. Nobody on the enemy side stayed long enough to take a flag, but there was always at least one person so we didn't win early by forfeit.
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User Info: darkarceusx

4 years ago#8
We were so close to getting it too, 6v1 for at least a minute. It was on standoff btw

User Info: TheKingOfKool

4 years ago#9
Got it by accident. Me and my friend who already had it played in a game of Domination on Express. A random on our team called out that if we hold it for another minute we get the challenge. It was 6 v 6 too
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User Info: StraydoG

4 years ago#10
Luck... 4 on 1 and the guy didnt quit... the man

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