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User Info: UnosMundos

4 years ago#11
Greg_thestrange posted...
UnosMundos posted...
I've heard of LoL notoriously obnoxious community, but I've (thankfully) had no experience with it. The CoD community, however, is as bad as the TC said, if not worse. The problem is that it's the people who sling slurs of all kinds, who rage incessantly, who send insulting messages to other players, who complain about losing or winning or connections or camping or really anything, and the players who make obscene yet decidedly uninspired emblems and write to professional gaming publications to defend their "right" to do so based on the constitution, those players are the loudest and most visible. Their idiotic noise drowns out the quiet players who might even do something as unheard of as sending "gg" messages to respectable opponents at the end of an exciting match. It's shameful behavior and it's hardly getting any better as people who started on CoD 4 should have begun growing up by now.

Agreed. I do complain about lag comp and camping but I can also see camping as a play style of the patient... which I am not. I don't get mad at those who GET lag comp (when it isn't from a lag switch that somehow magically freezes me in place and next thing I know I'm respawned I don't know where and never saw the killcam) but rather mad that a multimillion dollar corporation can't put out the money to get some dedicated servers. I'm actually a network administration major and from what I know they wouldn't even need that flippin many of the damn things. Couple hundred grand and they'd be set for 2 or 3 different CoD games at one time and things would run more smoothly than at present.

Yeah, I see the legitimacy of that point, and I agree with you. Activision is raking in way too much money to have an excuse by now. However, the intention of that comment was to observe that many players will complain vociferously about anything, indiscriminately, often going so far as to direct their complaints at their teammates, or their enemies, even without reason or purpose. Listening to the mic feed, one would think that everyone is camping, or hacking, or lagswitching, or boosting, etc etc.

More generally, I want to say that it's good to hear the voices of those that still strive to observe the basic rules of interpersonal conduct. No one's perfect (who doesn't rage a little bit, from time to time?) but the community at large needs to try a little harder to dispel the stereotype of the whiny, obnoxious, CoD gamer.
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