Stay off my care package

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User Info: TheRealPhattyJ

4 years ago#11
While I definitely agree with trying to let the cat who called it get it, if it looks like the other team's gonna get it somebody needs to grab it. If they're wrong and they accidentally take it from you, try to remember this is a team based game ;)

User Info: sillybulanston

4 years ago#12
When I see a teammate waiting for a care package, I'll generally stick around and help him make sure the area is secure. If he dies before he can open it I'll try and stay in the area and guard the CP until my teammate respawns and comes back. It's pretty easy to bait enemies to run into your line of sight with a care package.

I'm probably the nicest teammate you'll find when it comes to care package etiquette.
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User Info: Shadow_Jolteon

4 years ago#13
Not too long ago today some guy took my friend CP'd Sentry Gun and knowing my friend he wants that reroll which I'm there to help. I couldn't reroll if the fool was stealing it. After he took it my friend knifed his back.

Cause of that I'm putting myself on the front lines and get killed even to help my friend to get higher streaks than CP. On this subject I don't see Treyarch going do anything with this but I wish it rewards high points for sharing CP like 20% off the regular scorestreaks, not +50.

User Info: ghettoghost45

4 years ago#14
tduck1982 posted...
If someone on my team gets a care package I will offer to flip it for them if they want, if they get killed I will protect it the best I can and will only take it if the other team is going to get it and even then I give them my next one.... That being said if you didn't call it in don't try to take it this pisses me off so much. Last night I got a swarm in a care package(it about made me poop on myself) I had to jump in front of it before picking it up to kill 2 enemies I turn around to get it and see some A@@hole taking my CP before I can claim it. This is BS. And then I here him bragging on the Mic that he called in a swarm. Thanks for listining to my rant I know it is long but I feel better saying it

Well....Ya Snooze?....Ya Lose! LOL I've done it and have had it done to me. It's only a game bud!

User Info: DragonZORDO

4 years ago#15
Lugadokastro posted...
I hate that too but more I hate when playing hardcore and a team mate kills you for your CP
I finally got a warthog and boom headshot for my package and got respawned on the other side of the map

Now when a team mate is near and I see them getting ready to aim at me I kill them first

I steal them all the time. I stole an AGR a few hours ago from a teammate in Hardcore. Same guy got another Care Package so I tried to steal it again, but he killed me this time and got kicked from the game. I ended up getting the C-UAV :).
FC: 4255-4494-8932

User Info: thompsontalker7

4 years ago#16
I always see teammate thieves waiting for my care package with me and I'm like "this helicopter ain't coming here for you friend go PTFO so you can get your own"

Then there are randumbs who try to snatch it when I'm right next to them. Course, I'm faster but not all the time

Course, if I die in the process of getting my package, better them than the enemy
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User Info: buzzerr3

4 years ago#17
i dont think that team mate should be allowed to re-roll my care packages. Thats really crappy. Some people do it just to troll.

Ill get a nice care package (swarm) ill be fighting off enemies as i move in to grab my swarm package... then i notice that my team mate turned my swarm into a death machine(which i hate).......

plus when my team mates are all over my care packages, sometimes i can't even get close enough to either grab it .. or re roll it.... then we all get killed by the enemies..and the enemies take the package

User Info: Donkers_Plonks

4 years ago#18
I got an idea...Stop running care package you noobs. How about you actually earn a high kill streak instead of luckily stumbling upon it. smh

User Info: Re2ismyFav

4 years ago#19
Rather than help protect the objective, a minimum of 1/3 of my team would rather 'defend' a care package?

got it.
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User Info: LilRoss2k3

4 years ago#20
i just don't even bother with of my least used streak rewards...along with rc-xd. they were rampant in blops1 now no one uses them.
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