Stay off my care package

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User Info: LucarioFan4Ever

4 years ago#21
This is the main reason I don't even run Care Packages.Teammates ALWAYS try to take them,and when you call it in,ALL of the enemies know where you are.

Wanna know how many Swarms I'VE lost in CPs because my a$$hole teammates stole it? 9.That is why I don't run them.They should take away the ability to take a teammates Care Package.
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User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#22
I always take care packages whenever I can. If there's one available, whether it is a teammate's or an enemies, I will try and grab it. In hardcore, I do not hesitate to kill teammates for their care packages. Why? Because the 12 year olds in this game don't hesitate, neither, and I'm smart enough to know that there is no "honor" in this game. Do what you need to do, all the time.
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User Info: Scoregasmic

4 years ago#23
It in no way would be game breaking to add a feature in where CP's are protected from your team mates unless you accept that they can take it.
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User Info: Locke42485

4 years ago#24
buzzerr3 posted...
i dont think that team mate should be allowed to re-roll my care packages. Thats really crappy. Some people do it just to troll.

Ill get a nice care package (swarm) ill be fighting off enemies as i move in to grab my swarm package... then i notice that my team mate turned my swarm into a death machine(which i hate).......

plus when my team mates are all over my care packages, sometimes i can't even get close enough to either grab it .. or re roll it.... then we all get killed by the enemies..and the enemies take the package

Most of us are well meaning when we reroll your care's a snap decision though, you only have a split second to decide whether or not to reroll, so mistakes will be made...

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User Info: buzzerr3

4 years ago#25
i use engineer. and so does just about everyone.. so i dont need anyone else to re roll my packages..

if someone asked if i needed it rolled.. then thats different.. but we all know dam well that no one wants a swarm re rolled. ha ha ha ha ha
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