I give up on FFA-Nuked Out

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4 years ago#11
What a complete and utter QUITTER

Stop quitting, quitter

User Info: ChillyWilly12

4 years ago#12
xMessiahbolical posted...
The worst part is that I was 27-0 and 26-0 both with VSATs up and choked. :( Made 1 little mistake and ruined the whole thing...

Do you any of you guys have tips on doing this? I find I'm forever doing good, then someone spawns behind me.

User Info: xMessiahbolical

4 years ago#13

Camp or patrol a relatively safe area controlling your engagements with the enemy, just playing it safe until you get your VSAT, then as soon as you get your VSAT go on the biggest rampage you possibly can getting as close to you can to your next VSAT then go back to your camping spot or "safe area" and try to get another VSAT.

Also use Dead Silence(if you intend to patrol). Tactical Mask if you intend to camp. both Toughness and Scavenger if possible. Also Hardline so you can get your VSAT faster. And use Shock Charge + Bouncing Betty to make it as much of a pain for the enemy to get to you when you're in retreat/reload/camp mode so you can, at the very least, hear them go off and know someone's at the doorway for you.

Use a gun that isn't going to lose many gunfights... an all around gun like the PDW(which doesn't need any attachments at all to be good, leaving space for another perk like Flak Jacket. I really like the MSMC + Dual Mags + Long Barrel(or FMJ) for winning a lot of gunfights.

I also feel that Yemen is the easiest FFA map to go on the really big streaks because there's more breathing room.
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User Info: TheKingOfKool

4 years ago#14
Hero_Legacy posted...
You play with a party and ONLY win 55% of your games? lol.

This is what my party is made up of. It varies depending on who I'm playing with.

1. 14 year old kid who camps inside a room trying to get either a Warthog or VTOL. Tells everyone not to touch his tags or his care package and if he dies tells you to protect it.

2. Killwhore who doesn't cap a single flag in Dom and goes 12-25.

3. Guy who says he's going to camp as soon as he does bad.

4. Plays the OBJ but has terrible gun skills.

And a bunch of other killwhores who barely break a 1 KD.

I think I have 3 people on my friend's list who have a KD above 1. The only good players I play with are a guy who try hards, a guy who plays well when he wants to but prefers getting diamond camos and his younger brother who gets a Swarm/Dogs almost every game.
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