Why does it say "New" on my zombie mode

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  3. Why does it say "New" on my zombie mode

User Info: Deadpool_18

4 years ago#1
I can't figure it out.
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User Info: Untitled

4 years ago#2
Preparing for DLC launch. Had the same thing on 360.
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User Info: 3500z

4 years ago#3
I noticed that "NEW"after buying the stupid season pass. (Someone in the family wanted the DLCs)
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User Info: DemonReacher

4 years ago#4
There are also new things in the leaderboards, looks like the Diner will be available, im guessing its that 4th unaccessable area on the green run menu.
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User Info: Suraj

4 years ago#5
Things were added to TranZit like permanent Juggernog and Insta Kill Pro.
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  3. Why does it say "New" on my zombie mode

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