How do you piss people off on BO2?

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  3. How do you piss people off on BO2?

User Info: hodelino

4 years ago#1
Fighting games needs more Pikachu!

User Info: armetim

4 years ago#2
1. Stealing Carepackages
2. shooting teammates in HC
3. if someone takes my CP I block them in a corner and shoot with unsilenced weapon
4. if someone on my team has a mic , I WILL do anything to hear him rage trough his mic
5. running trough team mates bullets in HC to get them kicked

I love trolling
Let me ask you, does a machine like you ever experience fear? - Vegeta
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User Info: ULTIMATE2684

4 years ago#3
I'm typically the one getting pissed off, i like to have fun and i have fun by winning. when i don't win i am :(. I used to go into hardcore moshpit in a previous game (no ricochet and no kicking for killing teammates) and that was where i would piss people off. you know rpging the ground in hardcore snd= guaranteed entire team dead.
Prestige Master PSN ID: XxFlarEBursTxX

User Info: Fate_Assassin

4 years ago#4
Get a six person party, everyone uses the shield. Find a way to trap all the enemies in corners, by planting the shield so they can't get out. - restored faith in humanity.
3/13/2013, shipment date

User Info: LuneyToonz

4 years ago#5
Be friendly, claim to be a therapist, and diagnose what issues they suffer from.

Made a guy scream at me over the mic and rage quit when I kept asking him about the relationship he shares with his uncle. El oh el <--- hehehe. <-- Check it! All free, all fun.

User Info: _Deadeye_CM_

4 years ago#6
1. Stunning and flashing teammates in HC, not shooting them. That way they get more angry, and then kick themselves by getting revenge.
2. Voice changer, and constantly screaming/talking trash to your teammates with a little kid voice.
3. Playing music as badly as possible through the mic.
4. Stealing care packages.
5. Standing in doorways/pathways.
6. Trailing teammates whilst shooting your unsilnced weapon.
7. 720 no scopes in S&D after hanging back in your spawn.
8. Going 0-x, purposely.
9. Letting your teammates die, while you're standing right in front of them.
10. Going to known sniping spots(think top middle on Turbine) and spinning at 14 sensitivity shooting pistols.

If I caught any of these, I would be pissed. I've personally done 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, with varying results. The microphone ones are really fun, sometimes people will mute you but others will have their TVs up load and play an echo throughout the lobby. Stealing care packages isn't very easy now, after Black Hat got nerfed, but everything else is very doable.
PSN: MisterDeadeye

User Info: _Deadeye_CM_

4 years ago#7
But yeah, the best trolling by far is of the verbal variety. There's almost always someone who will argue with you for an entire game if you're up for it.
PSN: MisterDeadeye

User Info: Hillbilly_Smurf

4 years ago#8
Hide behind the desk on Hijacked and enjoy the rage as the same 2 idiots feed me kills and cry about it.
Dear Rockstar: Please make a new "The Warriors". Thanks, peace.

User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#9
by winning ...

seriously do you do something in a game to " piss people off " ...? wow that's sad and lame ...

User Info: LuneyToonz

4 years ago#10
Zed7777ZR1 posted...
by winning ...

seriously do you do something in a game to " piss people off " ...? wow that's sad and lame ...

So are ellipses, Zed. <--- hehehe. <-- Check it! All free, all fun.
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