How do you piss people off on BO2?

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User Info: LuneyToonz

4 years ago#31
jfki11a posted...
LuneyToonz posted...
jfki11a posted...
ITT: someone was tricked into posting with feels.

Yep. I'm pretty good at what I do. I don't think he understands the point behind my elaborated response being an example of what I've said to people in game.

You pick out something, add your own history to it, and throw it at them for response.

No different than therapist adding false memories to clients so they keep returning to their sessions.

Oh I know the game
I'm a therapist myself.

:o <--- hehehe. <-- Check it! All free, all fun.

User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#32
dear god i was tricked ... woe is me ...

let's try to move on shall we ...?

Hello Bizzy ...

User Info: BatmantheTroll

4 years ago#33
You don't the game does it for you.

User Info: JudeHavoc

4 years ago#34
Talk to them about Narwales....tell them that you have a pet Narwal. In yr back yard. Keep talking about theyll get rrally mad.

User Info: Buggybear

4 years ago#35
Me shoots dem in da back.


Den me dos it again.

I love sneaking up on people from behind and I love the feature that you can hear your victim for a second.

Although, technically that's not trolling, but anyways, as long as it's fun and p**ses someone off, it should count.
Warning: does not play well with others.

User Info: ors_kar

4 years ago#36
- Find a nice spot and camp. I just keep moving my exact spot after every kill so they keep running at the wrong place.

- RPGs when people cap flags/objs

- EMP grenades at team-mates in HC. They always assume it was the enemy's.

- Abusing the minor stun EMP grenades give for easier kills.
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User Info: Punchsmack

4 years ago#37
I auto-mute everyone for every they think they're getting under my skin, but I don't hear them. Sooooo...keep wasting your fresh teenager smack.

In the game, I'll douche the entire map with Shock Charges+Bouncing Betty's by way of Scavenger. It will net me about 3-6 extra kills per match and each person that falls victim to it, goes berserk with revenge....which forces them to lose focus and fall into more SC+BB traps.
"Yeah, well, you know, that's just like uhhh....your opinion man."

User Info: dougsdad0629

4 years ago#38
Go watch KYR Sp33dy on Youtube. He is a master troll. Funny as hell.
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User Info: Gamer4ever77

4 years ago#39
Play hardcore Search & Destroy and snipe your teammate from afar.
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User Info: Mp3fan244

4 years ago#40
Going into Search and Destroy and using the RPG only.
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