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User Info: RaynorEX

4 years ago#21
Bear Package
800 Points

When called, sends in a care package indistinguishable from a normal one (although teammates can identify it by an overlaid flashing bear symbol, so they know to keep away), except for one key difference; There's a bear inside. When opened, the bear mauls the unlucky opener, killing in one hit. However, there's a 25% chance that the bear will be sleeping, and the looter will get the benefits of a care package for themselves. In this case, if it's opened a second time, that person will always be attacked by the bear. Once the bear has attacked someone, it becomes a normal care package, unless it was looted without waking the bear.

User Info: crimsonfoxm1911

4 years ago#22
false intel

enemy radars will have random red spots simulating fire as if an enemy was there but in addition targeting systems can't tell the difference between enemy's and friendlies, this includes but is not limited to

target finder
Dual band
Hellfire missile
VTOL warship

sometimes it's better to feed the enemy the wrong intel than to completely cut them off. lastly random notifications from the commander (team announcer) such as "equipment has been wait that was for another operative!" or "get to cover incoming swarm..........damn wrong A.O."

User Info: greggreggreg2000

4 years ago#23
I miss the napalm strike. Put that in at 600ish
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User Info: Zed7777ZR1

4 years ago#24
i guess ... inb4trexorsoldiersropingdownfromhelicopter ...

but i like raynor's idea the best ...

User Info: cityyankee24

4 years ago#25
Mp3fan244 posted...
This game has some really wacky and cool kill... I mean Scorestreaks, but I figured that maybe us members of the community could come up with some new ones of our own. These ideas may never be used in Blops II, but who cares? Let's have fun.

Here's one to start us off.

2400 Pointstreak
This Scorestreak is more or less a very futuristic MOAB variant. However, instead of a bomb, the weapon itself is a giant sattelite laser. The beam fires into the middle of the map and creates a dome-shaped explosion that gradually increases in size until everyone on the enemy team dies. Using this streak will NOT automatically end the match, and it cannot be acquired from a Care Package.

Sounds like the Ion Cannon from the C&C series. Good idea, though.

User Info: SDR1845

4 years ago#26

You control an Abrams tank and totally annihilate the other team. Cannon has target finder on it and is obviously a OHK. Other team members can go into the tank for protection or to commandeer the 50 cal gun up top. Would be epic.

User Info: Punchsmack

4 years ago#27
Killer bees.
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User Info: dotsgalore218

4 years ago#28
2500. The Brown Noise from South Park.

Limits everyones mobility and drops their health.
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User Info: harlem545

4 years ago#29
DeLaggafier 3600pts

Allows your team a lag free, dedicated flawless match, for the duration of the match.
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