To whoever said OSKs with the Executioner were impossible... It's clip time!

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  3. To whoever said OSKs with the Executioner were impossible... It's clip time!

User Info: ihaveyahoorares

4 years ago#1
I forget who it was, they even brought up the wiki for COD and showed me it's gun stats saying it only does 40 damage per shot.... They obviously are your typical MSMC/PDW user and haven't explored the weapons yet...

Here's a small clip with some randomness and some OSKs.

The guy who was AFK I only killed twice btw, both kills are in here... Only attachment I'm running on it is Fast Mags... I love the dude who jumps off the damn map haha.

I only got 4 Sentry Gun kills that game btw. Tons of Bouncing Betty kills though. I run Scavenger and just place them down behind me any time I pick up a bag. I left my TI in that room figuring it's quick access to both parts of the map.

Watch the 2 idiots who I look at thinking 'you seriously that oblivious?'. I caught that guy off my TI too... I'll admit, he was the host and we had 2 3bars on my team. So maybe that's why he had NO reactions haha.

Here's the scoreboard.

About 160 kills away from having the Executioner my 3rd most used weapon. Probably 30 more kills until I get it to Max Level on Prestige 2.

User Info: buzzerr3

4 years ago#2
ha haha ha ha

come on man..
You can't tell me that was against a real team. I have never come across enemies that just stand there completely still while you walk up to them. Half of those kills you were holding the gun point blank right in their face.

that was possible a boosting montage. In which case.. if it was boosting it will probably be reported

if it wasn't boosting, then your connection was soooo bad that the enemies didnt even know you were playing the game.

forget the executioner, you could have saved ammo (and remained stealthy) by stabbing those clueless enemies

User Info: bigcdiscochris

4 years ago#3
I'm searching for campfires...

User Info: ihaveyahoorares

4 years ago#4
I even included a picture of the scoreboard... One dude had HORRIBLE lag. I think he was the host maybe... It was that one dude 'tank' whatever.... Every kill I got on him was just him being really bad and reacting slowly... It was just a stupid ass game that I joined late...

I joined after 90 seconds... The score was 4-5 in TDM... I knew it was going to be easy since they were obviously just camping places and would be focused on my team anyway as I tried to get them from behind.

User Info: Sevi_ney

4 years ago#5

Sheild.... FAST HANDS! BOOM!
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User Info: ihaveyahoorares

4 years ago#6
Sevi_ney posted...

Sheild.... FAST HANDS! BOOM!

Yea, it's nasty like that. Especially when they go to reload... Like that dude trying to wait by my CP.... They're almost Dual Wield again... I usually have 2 classes setup for it, one Dual Wield, 1 with just Fast Mags....

People just despise that class setup... Played with a few guys with the DETH clan tag earlier. They were on the enemy team... Midway through they were just laughing when they died and saying stuff like 'damn man, he got me again'. Or 'yea, we gotta do that'.

User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#7
what was this exactly suppose to prove? We already knew the osk distance of the thing is 150 inches, the only impressive osk in the whole video was at 0:55
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User Info: Insta-Skill-627

4 years ago#8
So the enemy needs to be sucking on the end of your gun barrel for a OSK? Still a POS, give me back my god damn .44 magnum.
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User Info: LilRoss2k3

4 years ago#9
wtf was that? a room full of beta testers?
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User Info: creativeme

4 years ago#10
i just started using it and i never get teams that suck that bad. i always hit a guy and then hit him again while he's turning around and kills me with 1 bullet.

what's your class besides a shield and fast hands? i might have to give it a try

executioner - dual wield or fast mags
fast hands/scavenger
bouncing bettie
tac insert
perk 2 greed

is that right? if not i was thinking bout trying to run that although i never use tac insert so might throw a concussion instead. then my executioner doesn't have dual wield or the knife yet. working towards those.
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  3. To whoever said OSKs with the Executioner were impossible... It's clip time!

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