Highest round in Zombies

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User Info: toni78

4 years ago#1
Mine is 37 online, 29 alone.
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User Info: darkstar07

4 years ago#2
28 with a buddy splitscreen but we both got bored and basically let ourselves get downed
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User Info: creativeme

4 years ago#3
32 in BO2. don't remember in BO1 but close to 40.

solo is like 20. i get so bored with it by myself. know if i played on kino and put in the time i could make it to like round 100 or some crap.

User Info: xSoldier24x

4 years ago#4
35 with 3 other people and 22 alone.
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User Info: _Deadeye_CM_

4 years ago#5
24 solo, 23(several times now) with two others online. We'd get further, but they play split screen and player 2 is awful at Zombies.
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User Info: macdaddygee

4 years ago#6
46 survival 18 tranzit. **** randoms
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User Info: LordSensei_

4 years ago#7
40 solo, like 18 with randoms i see no point in starting a game if you just rage quit when u go down.
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User Info: RoddyAnumber1

4 years ago#8
54 Nuketown. I was host and because I didn't revive everyone else. It ended up being me by myself by round 35.
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User Info: Superfly Jo Jo

Superfly Jo Jo
4 years ago#9
World at War probably somewhere in the 20s on Nacht der Untoten

Black Ops it was 39 on Ascension, but honorable mention to 35 on Der Reise because it's a harder map and nobody had the Wunder Waffe

Black Ops II like round 16 because I suck at it
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User Info: Deadpool_18

4 years ago#10
18...I've yet to play solo, considering it doesn't count. At least I don't think it counts on your profile.
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